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Santa wonderland in Texas



William wanted to go on the YMCA outing. Friday we left the Y at 1PM headed for college Station for a hayride and lights. We stopped at a winery and had wine tasting. William loved this. He did the tasting twice. because half the group did the tasting while the other half went on a ride to see the vineyards. I decided that i could not get william up in the trolley. But, he loved the wine tasting. We went to a barbeque place for dinner. Had absolutely scrumptuous ribs, coleslaw and potatoe salad. Finally, we are on the say to Santa's Wonderland. it is dark. We get on the hayride. They face William on the wrong side. i don't realize this until we get going. He can only see the outside view. I try to explain everything. When we get back...I ask that we go again but, have William face the other direction. they are so accomodating..they put the wheelchair on the wagon and he can see everything. it was worth it to mention the lack of vision of handicapped people. William could have tried to move, but he was afraid that he would fall. He was sitting on a bale of hay.


We got back about 11PM. It was along day. we were lucky,,,it was not cold. A sweatshirt was all we needed. I brought jackets and everything just to be on the safe side.


Saturday, I promised William that I would take him to see the "Chronicle of Narnia" I told him that he had to go to the pool first and then we would go to the movie. It was good. We went to the 3D showing. William was confused with the movie...but was happy to go.


Sunday, we went to church and bible study. We had our bible study Christmas party after church. William was able to walk into the house today. I assisted his leg but I did not bring the wheelchair in. Everybody was amazed. William was so proud of himself. We were the first to leave..William said that he was tired. But, we had along day. WE started out at 7AM and left at 2PM.


William loves to go out and about.


When I got off work today. William wanted to go out and eat. I told him that we would order Pizza. He wanted to go with me. So I had him get in the truck and off we went. Any excuse to get William to walk alittle. We enjoyed our pizza. I had him decide what to put on it. There was a time that I had to make all of the decisions. Even what to eat. We are making progress.


Today, marks the day. Dec. 13, 2010....2 years ago...William had his stroke.


Yes, we are making progress.




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Ruth: a LONG day! You kicked that poor man's "you know what"-lol. I am sitting here, so happy for both of you. Ruth, he is making such progress and I know how important those steps outside the house are. I can only admire your strength and perserverance. And to William, for his determination to recovery, no matter the cost.


You have given me a wonderful Christmas gift. Thank you, Debbie

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Ruth, you and William have so much fun. I hope to get Larry's endurance up to that kind of speed someday. He is doing great at the Y though but exhausted afterward.



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