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Help for the holidays...Hurray!!



My son is home for Christmas. He has been such a help with William. I have not had to use the caretakers this week, except for one day. He need to get out with his friends.


My son, Javid, is finishing his anethesiology residency in NY. What an experience for him to work with William. William is his step-day. He says that it takes so much work to get himself and William ready for the day. He has had William going for hours. William is really excited by the happenings of each day. He just does not know what to expect.


One day, Javid and Najla, took him out Christmas shopping. They went up next to Rice University. They found that some of the store were not handicapped accessible. They had to bypass those ones. They had all sorts of goodies during the day. They met me after work and the 3 of them were exhausted. They were grateful for the lightweight wheelchair. But , even the lightweight one got heavy by the end of the day.


The next day they go out for breakfast and catch a movie and do grocery shopping. Javid said that he got irritated with people cutting in front of William. They felt that they were in a hurry, but did not understand that it takes twice as long to get anything done with William. He is learning that people do not know.


They are both sleeping in right now. I hope to make it to the pool and get William to walk the pool. Javid has had William walking alot more than I do and he is keeping him up for longer hours.


Merry Christmas...Ruth

Oh, yes...He took William and had his nailed trimmed at a nail salon. I usually do that job and I do not like it. THe salon was only $12 and they massaged his hand and arm and filed and buffed and trimmed his nails. He really enjoyed that.


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what a wonderful gift for you on Christmas. your son haschosen perfect profession of doctor. compassion is must have for doctors & he has it in him. what a great son & doctor.



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Ruth, what a wonderful son you have. I wish for only good things for him, he is showing such compassion. There are not a lot like him for sure.It does come down to early training so you have done a great job.


It must make a big difference to come back from work to hear all the happy news of a day out that William has so enjoyed. And the extra walking is good too as it stimulates both his muscles and his brain.


Make the most of this happy family time.



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