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Getting rid of the hospital bed.... finally



I'm having the hospital bed picked up by charity tomorrow. They want me to be here from 8-5...Well I am willing to wait as long as they remove the bed. I didn't end up buying a new bed. I had my son and his friend move the bed from upstairs downstairs. Now , I have a sewing room upstairs.


I am taking advantage of the goodwill pickup. I have managed to get rid of 4 big bags of clothes and shoes that we do not use anymore. There is more that I should get rid of, but, That will be it for now.


Tomorrow. I will have Wm at the pool at 5A so that we will be home at 8AM.


I hope to get william into some stretches after he wakes up.......


Recovery is so much work. But, persistence is the key. William would not walk for 60 minutes today. I let him off with 30 minutes.


He had not wanted to take a shower for 3 days and now has a little rash on his leg near his groin. I told him that is why I insist on a daily shower.


But, sometimes you have to learn by the consequences.




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Good Job Ruth,

Getting rid of the hospital bed must be cause for celebration for you and for William. I think walking 30 minutes is pretty good news also. Congratulations on being such a strong advocate and teacher. Mike

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Ruth: that is wonderful news. Our hospital bed was rented, so I had it picked up as soon as possible, but not soon enough. We went over our medical equipment allowance with insurance. I bet you and William could not wait to get into your own bed.


Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Vietnam Vets pick up here curbside once a month. Yes, it is a huge help. I call them to tell them I will have something, but you really don't have to, they do the whole town that day. It so saves driving everything to the boxes or Goodwill. I seem to go in spurts, big clean out of an area and then stop for a while. I think I get depressed thinking over the past memories some things bring.


You and William are such an inspiration. I would take a walk to the kitchen or bathroom, if I could get it. But things have settled into a nice routine and we are certainly getting our relationship back, so I can't complain. Debbie

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Ruth, I can't tell you why, but I kept my bed from the VA should my wife put me out of the bedroom I can handle the hospital bed because it moves to any position, just push the button!

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I was thinking reality sank in when Larry was being discharged and the nurse asked me if I was getting a hospital bed. I didn't get one, but it frightened me about what I was going to have to do once Larry got home. He had trouble transferring at first from the bed but uses a bed cane. He gets up okay but sometimes forgets to bring the left arm with him. I think you and William work well together. I wish I could get Larry to walk that long. Maybe once the weather changes this spring he will want to walk more. For now it's me, Larry, home exercises and the Y. Take care.



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Congrats Ruth! We sent back our rental about 3 months ago. Dan's had a lot of back pain lately with 3 hospital visits in as many weeks. So, he's back in a hospital bed. We decided to purchase one, that way we'll have it if we ever need it again. It was nice having him in the same room for a while. But...he snores like a train so it's also nice having him in another bedroom 8-) I think I'm going to get twin beds and put his hospital bed and one of the twins in our room.


Happy New Year to you and William!



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Congrads to you and William. 5am to the Y, your a task Sargent.(lol)Your persistence is paying off . :You-Rock:

remembertolaugh, Jeannie :cocktail:

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