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I WANT A WIFE!!!!!!!




IT'S UGLY, CAUSE I'M MAD MAD MAD MAD MAD MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! angry.gifangry.gif




i want a wife to raise my child even though she has none of her own. i want her to take on all of the responsibility of raising my child, being her friend, and not worrying me with any details of "problems", because i am a sorry excuse for a father and taking time with my own child might interfere with any number of activities i enjoy. even though i have been a college professor, i want a wife to help my child with her homework because my own child knows what an impatient simp i am and doesn't want my help. sad.gif


i want a wife who is intelligent because i have a genius iq and am way educated beyond my intelligence and make sure everyone knows it. even though SHE knows her iq is 8 points higher than mine, she never tells me because she doesnt want to "deflate" my ego or make me feel inferior. she has to be intelligent enough to understand that i need ego boosting because i am a worthless sissy wimp and a sorry excuse for a husband. angry.gif


i want a wife to be responsible for all of the shopping, gift buying, thankyou note writing, at her expense. also to make and take care of all of our social plans while i sit on my ass and watch sports or read while she does all of the work. this includes all of the meal planning and cooking as well. i am too lazy to fire up the grill like a real man. dry.gif


i want a wife who has her own career and makes more money than i do because i would rather work in an inferior job that allows me time off to play golf and go to biloxi and leave her with my kid when i feel like it. also, she can contribute more financially to the household. i have NEVER paid for a pizza for my daughter or bought her any clothes, this is for the wife to do at her expense because i know she is soft hearted and doesn't want my child to go without. i have also never paid for any home improvements, this would cut into my gambling fund. uhm.gif


i want a wife who looks as good or better than she did when i met her. i want her to be phsically fit, well groomed and well dressed. no extra fat, no gray hair, and manicured hands and feet. i don't care what the cost, as long as she pays for it. i don't care if she exersizes to the point she is falling into walls. this way, when i spring on her at the last minute that we have a function to attend, she can have on her little black dress with pearls and all of my friends can comment on what a pretty wife i have, further building MY confidence and self esteem. biggrin2.gif


how can i find a wife like this? because i am a vicious predator who can sense vunerability and weakness in people. once i get my talons in her, she's stuck, because she is loyal. then when i sense that she has got the courage to leave me, i can do something REALLY stupid like not pay attention as usual and have a wreck that could have been prevented, and let my wife get a head injury causing her to have a stroke. then, while she's in a coma and not expected to live, i am stressed out by it, so i can leave her alone on christmas day in the hospital bed and i can go to the coast and play blackjack to relieve my stress. sad.gif


now that she's brain damaged, it doesn't matter to me, i expect the same as before. because i am a selfish, non empathetic, pathetic little man without the capacity to truly love and cherish anyone but myself. that wife of mine seems to be getting stronger no matter HOW much i critisize her, and mess with her lack of memory by telling her that i have TOLD her i was going on this trip or that one when i KNOW i havent. wicklaugh.gif


i want a wife. anyone know where i can find one like me? or MAYBE, what i really need, is a HUSBAND!!!!!!!! happydance.gif



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I don't think it is a husband you want. You've had three already, they keep disappointing you..... take the option- Swear off all men! You can do it on your own........


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