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Wishing you good luck and prosperity in 2011!


History of the Tradition:


According to southern tradition, eating Black-eyed Pea(s) on New Year's Day will bring good Luck and Prosperity in the coming year. The tradition began during the Civil War when General William T. Sherman and his troops marched from Atlanta to Savanah destroying everything in their wake. Everything EXCEPT the black eyed peas.


The troops believed cattle, not people, were the only ones who ate black-eyed peas. After the War, black eyed peas were the only source of food in the South. The peas saved thousands from starvation and gave the South a Second Chance. Since New Year's Day 1866, Peas have represented regrowth.


In this spirit of tradition, a portion of the proceeds from te sale of every bag of Peas For Prosperity are donated to charities dedicated to helping people who need a Second chance in life.


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Jeannie my mom was an Oakie, we always had them on new years - I've only remembered a few times. by the time . remrmbered we only had time to run into our little store in our little town - as wee R in the north none to be found I really like then - now to remember when we R at a real store in a real town . It woukld n't matter whatokra promised - the oakies can have it all. black ete peas & pecan pie R two good oakie traditions. just my opinion

Tks for the info - never knew why they are good luck - just that they are


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this is so interesting!! I had no idea. I know that we always have black eyes peas on New years day.

I shared this with William. He is a civil war buff. He loved it.



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