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Cardiac Appointment



I finally get a appointment. It has been a year and half. My appointment kept being canceled and rescheduled . I was seeing my Primary Care doctor so I was in good hands. My Primary doctor is from India, she is a women doctor her name is Ahuja pronounced Hoosier. As in the Indiana high school football team. Dr. Ahuja is and intern, this is a teaching hospital. Now it is time for her to move on and she tells me she will be interning in the Cardiac clinic. All I have to do is specified her since it has been so long that I am not assigned to another intern. The scheduler was saying I was already assigned to a new intern, but I had not been seen by that doctor therefor they could schedule me to Dr. Ahuja.


The day of the appointment, get weighted loss 3 lbs. Take BP, 90/176. They use those machines and every-time this is the kind of reading that results. Dr. of course says we have to look at your prescriptions. I take my BP at home and it has been running 76/132. Dr. had to scrounge up the big cuff and take it manually. I know that I need my BP taken with a big cuff. I makes the difference. From now on I'm refusing the machine, I requesting the manual.

Dr. looks at my last lab results, TSH is low. I'm on Levothyroxine 300mcg daily. This is a high dose, but I had a goiter taken out at the age of 12. The growth was wrapped around my wind pipe. So this is why I'm on the supplement.


My cholesterol numbers look out of whack. When the thyroid numbers are off every thing else is off.


Result, get a blood test on an empty stomach. So since I eat my oatmeal for breakfast I'll have to get it taken in the morning. Dr. will call me if my meds need changing. Otherwise I'll be back for another appointment at the end of the month. I'll get my flu shot and be good for a month. The only other thing she wants me to do is record my BP numbers and bring it with me. I'm a happy camper.:thumbsu::thumbsu:






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Jeannie, it is difficult when you are taking so many medications for so many different conditions to make the figures come out right so I am glad you have a good doctor looking after you.


Plan a little relaxation time, maybe sitting comfortable with music playing softly and some aromatherapy and those BP numbers will come down without tweaking your medication. :cloud9:


Keep on smiling as that helps too.And laugh, because laughter is the best medicine.



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Susan, Thanks for your comment. This morning while reading your answer I find myself doing exactly what your suggesting. Sitting listening to music.

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