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healthy, wealthy and wise



What is a New Year without Resolutions? Here it is the 2nd of January and I am sitting down to make mine. Well okay, these aren’t mine. I was talking to a friend at church today and they are his: healthy, wealthy and wise.


I asked him why he had chosen these three words and he said he had had a suspected heart attack so had a few specialists appointments to get a general health check and had also made an appointment with a dietician to get some idea of what he should and should not be eating. He said he wants to live a few more healthy retirement years.


I asked him about wealthy and he said he had made a few wrong decisions and found himself without money just before Christmas. He said for that reason he had volunteered to go to a local charity event and feed the homeless as that meant he didn’t have to cook a Christmas dinner he really couldn’t afford. Wow, for someone relatively well off that really got to me. It is so easy to spend more than you really should around Christmas so it is his plan that this year he will not make big purchases in the later quarter of the year so he will have more money available for Christmas.


And wise I asked? Yes he said: “I’ve stopped talking to God and those around me about what I am doing. I didn’t seek advice and get some tips, so I bought a more expensive entertainment set-up than I could afford, not the best value for money.”


From my point of view healthy is important. I am always posting little snippets of advice for others, I also have to listen to them myself. So when I tell one of the caregivers to take more “me time” I have to do the same. When I tell them to “get a good night’s sleep” that counts for me too. I need to let others know my needs and make sure I get some of them met – even if I have to take some of my “free time” to get a massage, go to the pool and exercise, or go for a walk on the beach. My health is important. It is important to me and important to Ray. If I am not in good health it is harder to look after Ray. If I can’t look after Ray we will suffer financially.


I am already wealthy. Not in financial terms although we have enough to meet the majority of our needs. I am wealthy in friends, support and care. I do have access to subsidized care for Ray, only five hours a week but that is better than nothing. I do have access to other services through the package for pensioners the government provides. I know we have better access to health care here than in a lot of other countries, So we are wealthy in having what we need to live a comfortable life.


And I wise? Yes I am and the more I listen to others and seek answers among those who have been through what I am going through, the wiser I get. So thank you to all who contribute to my posts, comment on my blogs, post information I need or simply share their own experiences here. Your wisdom contributes to my wisdom and indeed makes me wise.


Because I am healthy,wealthy and wise I am able to direct my energies where they are most needed. I should be better able to adjust to different circumstances. It is hard when something like the diabetic blister on Ray’s heel necessitates him having to be in the wheelchair even in the house but I should be able to adjust to that. It is not forever, just 6-8 weeks. And if I ask for extra support during that time I should not get to feel like a prisoner in my own home. I should manage to get out enough to combat that.


We who are on the stroke journey as survivor or caregiver have a harder road than most of follow. But we are overcomers not losers. We have had the opportunity to stretch ourselves and grow that we wouldn’t otherwise have had if we had had work dominate our waking hours. And here we have companions on the journey so we are not alone. So if you have not made resolutions why not take mine and see yourself as healthy, wealthy and wise?


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lovely blog. I have never made resolutions before but this year I will take yours and make mine. I also want to be healthy, wealthy & wise for this year. I feel if I continue to follow my 2010 year plan, I will do great in health department. in wealth department I consider myself wealthy, since I am content with what we have, I consider myself rich. for being wise I think you grow wiser every day when you stop & listen to others, and not just blow your own horns.& I am trying to do that.

so count me in as your resolution copier lol




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Sue: Very good advice. I will try to make these resolutions mine. I hope I can apply them and be more content with what my life is!! Leona

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Sue, I say if your a person that makes yearly resolutions that's great. With my memory loss it's best to make resolutions everyday. resolution: miracles are mine, and to remembertolaugh daily, Jeannie:cocktail:

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Sue: interesting blog. My darling Mary Beth came for the weekend at the last minute. Another belated Christmas present. She was thrilled when my work chose to keep me on: any hours, any days and knew I was making some hard decisions about caregiver's pay. She arrived again with enough food for months and a determination to help me set some priorities for 2011. (apparently there is no rest for the wicked!-lol)


She got my to do list and we sat quietly after Bruce was settled for the night with a glass of wine and talked long into the night as only sisters can do.


Healthy: to the top of my list she added Physical and EKG. I recently had a Mammo and blood work at a medical van that travels the area and offers these things very inexpensively. I have a huge deductible on my health insurance and this was a Godsend. Now she wants me to complete the process, cut down or quit smoking.


Wealth: Get the long term finances in order, figure out my pay and the caregivers pay and work toward the goal of being able to cover my health insurance by increasing my hours at work and joining their program, where the cost is partially paid for and certainly less than my private pay. Safe deposit box for my valuables.


Wise: to know when to back off Bruce and when to push. To recognize what I can change and what is out of my control. And how, emotionally, to let it go. To recognize opportunities that will help improve our situation and to accept help from those who offer.


All in all, happy and healthy New Year to all and may you all find your resolutions in Sue's intriguing blog.

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Yes, we have had the opportunity to grow and stretch ourselves. We are overcomers.

Yes, we must look at stroke as an opportunity to grow. I have seen it as an opportunity to be an assest for others to access. I have such a wealth of information from this experience.


Yes, thank for you insights.



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