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thought my profile was my blog



bouncesmile.gifthought my profile was actually my blog; but when i clicked on blog it said i didn't have one.

you can see what i mean when i said i like to laugh and usually at myselflaughbounce.gifi received a kindle for Christmas an love it . already read 3 books. however today i learned that it isn't compatible with tmy lending library.ranting.gifi hope "amazon" will soon give their permission. apparently you can download with the nook. bummer for me. however i would check first with my own library.there are still many free books on amazon and it is great to be reading again. what a difference. i used to use those massive paper clips as a bookmark and they were always flying across the room the kindle takes care of all that and remembers where i was.right now i have 91 items which include free samples of books on it and i can carry all that in my pocketbook without much may be tough but it's good.sorry for the lack of the capital letters but i figured you would understand the difficulty of hitting the shift and whatever letter i wanted

.mostly watched

football yesterday. sorry to see it coming to a close but looking forward to the playoffs.thumbsu.gifi want to wish all a very HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR.r.crazy weather in albany ny. saturday it hit 50. today we're trying to reach the freezing mark. i sure do have a tendency to rambleblahblah1.gifplease continue to pray for each other and our troops. we all can use a little help.blessings.hiya.gif mlp


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Hi mlp, welcome to blogworld, part of the cybernet global village. We will be happy to get to know you through your blogs and share your ups and down.


Sounds as if the kindle was just what you needed for Christmas, reading has so many advantages, I love to read and call January reading month as most appointments etc don't start up until the end of January and that gives me so much more time to do the things I want to do.


Be glad you've joined a wonderful community where people happily give so much support and share their lives together.



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I am glad that you enjoy the kindle. I was thinking of the Nook because it is compatible with our library. I just happened to learn this because my friend is a librarian and has the Nook. I asked her why and she told me that you can download to the nook.


I look forward to getting to know you.



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hi Mlp:


welcome to our wonderful world of blogging. I have been thinking about buying e-reader, I was still debating which one to get ipad, kindle or nook. though for me what our library supports will be big plus since I love library. due to reading I feel I have learnt so much, and love my post stroke life since it means I have time to do what I love to do. I look forward to getting to know you through your blogs.



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Mlp, It's great that you got a Kindle for Christmas and your back to reading. My eyesight is bad so I enjoy books on CD.

Welcome to our blog community, I look forward getting to know you threw your blog. remembertolaugh, Jeannie :cocktail:

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