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grandkids and girl's night



hope you didn't think i was bragging about reading 3 books. ebooks are pretty condensed.bouncesmile.gifjust learned that next year apple may be introducing a smaller ipad and for less money. it should also accept those apps. and i think library loans. i 've heard about. not too tech savvy.biggrin2.gif husband and i watched the 2 grandkids 4 and 1 1/2 yesterday. a little crazy at 7:30 in the morning but thrilled we live so close to be able to do it, 20 miles,. however the high pitch screeching contest is a little tough on the ears. later in the evening and most thurs. nights is girls night out which is really in but we get take out. i go to my sister who shares a duplex with my other sister. we get together with two of my nieces, to make a full sisters are my best friends so i am truly blessed. now if i could just get this left side of my body to work things would be really super .notice that in my intro about myself i warned you i had a tendency to babble

blahblah1.gif the blizzard of last week has melted so this weekend we're getting 4-8 ins. of snow. already tired of winter.

however it's the football playoffs so i'm good staying in. also in case you can't tell i love emoticons.tried to put in another here and my computer froze lol it would have been the smily face and flowers. wishing you all blessings mlp


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Hey, a girl's night in sounds really good. I don't have that but my sister occasionally invites herself to either breakfast or dinner so I like that.


Ray doesn't travel far at the moment ( diabetic blister on stroke-affected heel) so I am grateful for anyone who rings, calls or emails to help cope with the feeling of isolation.


Keep on blogging, it is lovely to get to know you this way.



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hey mlp:


don't worry about talking too much, I finally got company. love to get to know you through your blogs. girls night in sounds great, you are lucky your sisters lives close by. mine lives far & they still consider me too baby to hang out together, though we chat on phone all the time. looking after young kids are taxing but so much entertaining, though I have heard being grandparent is the best one can have, spoil them & then give it back lol I have found more you do for yourself more you will be able to do & then even with left side not working life still becomes good just little different on how you achieve your needs & wants.



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Hello, I'm glad you are enjoying the grands, I do too! I got a 6 year old, my wife's daughter's child.


You need times like that to put you back in touch with life as usual no matter your recovery progress so far. All the best to you and your lovely family...Fred!

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mlp, girls night out sounds wonderful. Having your grands over is the most's entertaining.:happydance: I have two older sisters the oldest lives in Ohio, when she and her husband drives down to Florida for the winter she makes a stop. My younger sister passed 11 years ago. Keep working on that left side, it pays off. Those grand kids should give you a work out.

remembertolaug, Jeanniebean

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