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what's with the brain freezes?



another brain freeze. have to redo blog original in cyber spacelaughbounce.gifson traveled 3 hr. yesterday for test for national grid. hasn't had a decent job in over yr. luckily wife does. he wnted to make sure he was there for test, another snowstorm comingTantrum.gifi'm done with winter but apparently it's not done with the northeast.unreal; he gets email this morning saying test postponed until tomorrow or next week because of weather. he's staying at motel again and hopes the test will be tomorrow or else another 3hr. tripranting.gif.great!just looked outside and in addition to icicles melting, it's snowing again. we just got an additional 6 ins. last night

watched grandkids yesterday until wife got home at 9pmdribble.gifnot to complain but plaing barbie for 5 hrs. could causecocktail.gifhad trouble getting clothes on the barbie, 4 yr. old says"that's okay nanny she can go COMMANDOyikes.gifdon't know where she got that from but think i need a keep your mouth closed emoticon. this is the one who said after soccer practice-i want my old life backroflmao.gifher mom just called saying her mom will watch the girls overnight ,whewgiggle.gif

the pres. was here today visiting general electric about 15 miles away. gov. cuomo tried to give him a jets hat but come on the bears are in the hunt.guess the secret service took it. didn't get to see air force one fly over but saw it when clinton was flying to albany. it flew over my work place. now that is one big plane.better try and see if this will post. no computer geek here lol. blessings mlp


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