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Rainey Sunday....lots of exercise



Today was pouring during the early morning hours. We usually leave for church at 7:30AM. The pouring rain...had me change my mind. I did not want to get drenched getting William to church. Using an umbrella is not feasible when you push a wheelchair and transfer a stroke surivior to and from the chair and lifting the chair into the trunk. I explained to William that I would be drenched.


I let William down,,,he really wanted to go to church. I used the time and let William sleep in. I used the time and made a skillet chicken Parmesan. I watched this on the cooking channel on Saturday.


Finally, I woke William up and did some exercises in the bed. I had him do some stretches and exercises in the bed. William complied and did the exercises.


I made a pulley that I attached to the footstand of the bed. I want William to try to use this to pull himself up.


I also made a pulley to move the left leg. I am not sure that it works. It fits under the weak leg and I want him to try to pull that weak leg over the edge of the bed.


I had William do some pedaling ...almost 15 minutes.


I told William that I was going to the YMCA to work out. I invited him to come with me. He said yes. I told him that I would help him on the bike and the arm exerciser. I brought my contraptions to hold his foot onto the pedal and his hand on the turner.


After that, We ran into some friends that were going into the water. I told William that I wanted to swim. He said that he would go with me.


It is amazing!! We did alot of therapy work today.


On the way home. William wanted a burger from Sonic. I brought him one. Now he is watching TV and resting.




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Ruth, you always put your time to good use, I am amazed by what you do.


I once met an old man who had trained some amazing wrestlers, some Olympic champions among them. He told me carbs before exercise and protein afterwards so the burger was a good choice on Williams part.


We all do the best we can to make the time we have with our survivor useful time. Keep up the good work.



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Ruth: I am impressed with William's willingness to work with you. That is such a benefit. We use the turn onto his weak side, legs way over the side of the bed (Bruce leads with his weak leg, the strong leg pushes the weak one) and then Bruce pushes up with the good hand at about chest level. Just this week I noticed he can do it by himself. I had side rails put on our bed (they fit under the mattress and sit on what would be the box spring if it was a regular bed). He was still a bit impulsive back then. Now, of course they are down, but he uses them to tranfer in and out of the WC, so I left them.


I just sat here thinking about all the work William and you did today and am just so envious. I know there are bad days, don't get me wrong. But if you can get five out of seven days of that kind of work, he is really serious about his recovery and couldn't have a better caregiver. I shoveled snow again today, but even if I hadn't I still would have been tired just reading your blog.


Rock on baby

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I guess you can say the day wasn't wasted? It was raining here too, still is and getting colder by the hour! I'm in until it warms back up next Sunday!

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