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17th of January



Tomorrow is my birthday, the 18th of January. I don't expect to have anything special. I work in the morning and get home at 4:30P. You, know it is funny, I don't feel so old. I am told that I do not look as old as I am. It is hard to think about aging. But, what is middle aged?? I guess that that is what I am.


William is doing well. He is working very hard and it not giving me a hard time about the pool. We went today and had a good workout.


My work is crazy. I just transferred to a different store..and the manager just got changed.. This means that my schedule is going to change again. It is unbelieveable. I have had my new schedule for exactly 2 weeks.


It is getting late. I will try to post more later.




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:happybday: Happy birthday for tomorrow ( well today here actually). I hope it turns out to be a day to remember, in a nice way of course...lol.


I don't know how you cope with so many changes in your life and yet remain as serene as you do.


:happybday: (((hugs))) from Sue.

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Wish you many happy returns of the day, hope you have great time on your birthday. I usually starts reminding everybody week in advance so people don't have excuse that they forgot lol. & poor huby don't have choice since I tell him what I want on my birthday & want to do lol



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Ruth: Happy Birthday! Mine was the 17th. My middle age is over, I guess. At 59 now, guess I just crossed over.


Best gift I got was Bruce got out of bed, brought me a coffee and said Happy Birthday, Little Ethyl.


I hope you enjoyed some time and had a bit of a celebration. Holding mine off until I get out from under this weather pattern that is taxing both me and Bruce.


Good day honey, Debbie

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Happy Birthday today Jan 18, 2011 :happybday: Since your schedule is so changed my wife and I can't figure when you'll be home! I'm wanting to come to Houston and visit you and William on the way there or on the way back since I pass right by your house!

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