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a Messy house....indicates a good caregiver???



I was just reading Sue's blog. I agree. A spotless house indicates that somebody is really working hard on the house. But, a messy house is my norm. This was a norm before William had a stroke. I will keep the floor and laundry and etc clean. I just don't bother with the dusting and the organizing.

I wonder if I would do more housework if William had not had his stroke. I know the answer. NO!


I would find other stuff to do. I can always find other stuff to do.


Today, I got William up and took him to the pool. We got there at 8:50AM. Pretty good. There was frost on the rooftops. But, I bundled him up and had the car all warm and comfy for him. The children started getting to the pool at 10A for lessons. We made it out before they got there in large numbers. William finds children to be very bothersome. They splash and don't realize that he cannot move out of the way. They jump and splash..He does not enjoy this.


I told him to watch a little boy getting pulled on his back and kicking in the water. I told him that I was going to do that to him. He said that he does not trust me. I will probably dunk him for fun. Can you believe that?? Two years of not letting him drown and he still does not trust me. I tell him that the lifeguards would not let him drown. that is there job. I pulled him on his back and he scissor kicked his legs.


The day before I took him to the deep end and he did not argue with me. I told him that that was nice. I just want him to stretch out as much as possible. The water makes this possible. Just hang and try to touch the bottom...it is good for the spine.


He has been agreeing with me that the pool really does make him feel good. He feels refreshed and relaxed after the pool. I enforce this though pattern by saying it constantly. He now believes it.


He asked me about PT. I told him that I will probably start again in March. I have a new schedule at work and I want to try it out for a month and then add PT. In the meantime...I am the PT person for William.


We have been doing the bicycle pedaling at the house. I may bring him back to the YMCA this afternoon. After his nap and use the arm pedal.


Hopefully, no rain tomorrow and we are off to church.


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my house is a wreck and so is the yard.head_hurts.gif before the stroke i could keep it under control but don't have the strength now. some is me but most really is hubby. he is a fixer. 6 snowblowers, finally 1 is working. many chainsaws because you never know when you might need a part.at least they're outside. generator in living room, eventually will be in the right place. have to pick the arguments. i know he's handling all he can and i think he now realizes just how much i used to do that has now been added to his plate. rather have him here than the perfect house.he too is disabled after 3 knee replacements and a number of arthoscopic surgeries. frontend loader crushed his knee.notfair.gif he really needs another replacement but told it would be his last one because theywould have to use a cadaver bone . he doesn't want to do it because he knows what he can do now but doesn't know what he could do after surgery. can't blame him. i do what i can but find myself tiring very quickly. we're survivors. blessings mlp lynn

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Well Ruth I don't know about messy house=good caregiver but I can say that I have seen more dust bunnies lately. I think we have different priorities now and our focus is on our spouses. Of course, I had an excuse before saying I will take care of that when spring comes. How can we do it all?? On top of keeping the house clean I have to worry about who will shovel the driveway and sidewalks. We are getting another wave of snow late tonight. Larry and I are getting ready to go to church. I will pray for warmer weather and spring to come early. Oh, and the car is filthy! :juggle:


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Ruth: I used to go in spurts, crazy for a week and then with the major stuff done; vaccuuming, dusting. The portion of the house we now use is OK. With the cat hair, I do try to keep up with stuff, but I have taken down a lot of the do-dads, pictures, etc. Less clutter and less work. I have some beautiful crystal, some pieces from my Mom, but if they are not sparkly and reflecting light, it makes me crazy. Obviously they had to go. Our master bedroom, which Bruce no longer can get to, has paperwork all over the floor, easy for me to access and organize; Bruce's office is the storeroom for everything we needed out of the house to accomodate the WC and back up medical equipment. My office is my sister's guest room and is set up for her visits.


I had started the New Year in such a good frame of mind: back to work, good caregivers, Bruce on a positive and productive schedule, getting projects done in the house to clear stuff out and then winter was upon us. My sister felt the burn out in my voice and came for three days to help out. We are only 1/3rd through the season.


Tomorrow I start off again at the same point I was at at Christmas, lets see how long it takes to tank this time. Debbie

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