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handicapped parking....New law in Texas



The penalty for parking in handicapped parking will become stiffer in Texas. But, the big question is...Who is going to enforce this law??? I have seldome seen anybody get a ticket.


Actually, I was talking to a caregiver the other day. She got a ticket because she did not have the placard in her car when she used the spot. What is ironic is that she was going to the therapist and the same guard that always sees her...gave her a ticket. They need to give the tickets to the able bodied folks ....not the handicapped families that actually need to use those spots.


Today is Monday, I was going to take William to CERT (Citizens emergency relief team). I thought that it started today. I was just a week early. It is next week. That means that I got us to the YMCA today on false pretenses. But, as always. I had our swim gear ready. Rather than wasted our trip...we went to the pool for our walk.

Cert will be a good learning experience for me. All types of good emergency info. I shall post.


William was good in the pool. There were so many people in the pool that he did not spend all of his time watching the clock.


I couldn't figure out where to go for lunch. Today is the last warm day in the next few days. So . I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful day and go out. I finally decided on the mall. The food court. William had pizza and lemonade. I had a plate of Chinese chicken. I like the food court because of our variety of choices. William ended up sharing mine and I had some of his pizza.


Finally, home. I had William wait in the living room. I wanted to strip the beds and wash the linens. Today is a beautiful day to hang the sheets outside on the back upstairs patio.


Tomorrow, it should be raining. We are going to the art museum with the YMCA.

Sunday we went to church and the YMCA after church. William always tries to finagle out of the pool. I never let him. I am strict. I told him that we need to watch "Groundhogs day" Somdays our life feel that way. The same thing every day. I am relentless. but predictable. William has decided that my new name is back again Ruth. I am forever saying "back again" in the pool. We walk back and forth for an hour.

Ruth I hate to think of our warm weather leaving. But, it is winter.


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You do a brilliant job looking after William Ruth so "back again Ruth" is a name you can wear with pride. And he always enjoys getting lunch out as his reward.


I had an old friend who was an ex-wrestling coach and he was at the pool and saw mothers letting their children have ice cream or chocolate as their reward. He said that was all wrong. It should be carbohydrates before exercise and protein afterwards to build muscle. So the pizza and Chinese Chicken sounds just right!



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Ruth, Showing up for something a week ahead I thought that was just my problem. But you were prepared with the swimming gear. Sounds like William is doing do much better. You keep William

on his toes. :juggle:

remembertolaugh, Jeannie :cocktail::cocktail:

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Ruth, I bet they don't enforce that new law in Killeen where I am cause it is so, so many of us here and with two cars registered you only get the wheel chair emblem for one car and the DV plate for the other vehicle.


But they give you the blue hanging sticker to display inside. Many of the wives forget to display them to be seen. My wife does all the time. The patrols or police tend to ignore cars here especially at walmart and other private parking areas in town.


They told me the store managers has to complain then they will write tickets otherwise it's private property.


On the military base the on post police will write tickets if no sticker is showing thru the window.

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