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Missed caregiver chat last night.



William and I went on an outing with the YMCA to the Fine arts museum on Tuesday. This meant that I had to switch my work schedule.


We had a great time. The storm, came thru Houston around 6AM...lots of rain and wind and cold. But by 8:30A it had passed and we were in for a good day.


We learned alot about a few pictures (paintings) and had a fabulous lunch at Cleburns cafateria. The portions are so large that I ordered one and split it with William. What a shock...that place did not take plastic. I usually only carry plastic. Luckily I had $15.00 in cash on me. Which reminds me...I need to replenish my cash supply. If I did not have cash...I would have had to borrow some cash. They take checks but, I do not carry checks with me anymore.


We got home and I put William to bed and I headed off to a nightmare day at work. I don't know what happened...It was just too busy from morning until night there.


William called me around 8PM and said that the house was too cold to take a shower. I thought that he just did not want to take a shower.


I get home at 10P and find out that the heater is not working. It is COLD!... William says that we should call the heater guy. I think that it is late..but finally I say yes. you need to call him. He shows up at 8AM in the mornig and gets it working. At night he says that it sounds like fuses..He needs to buy them in the Am or he would come out at night. I said that is fine.


I pile covers on the bed and we are snug in the bed. I tell William in the morning that i am off to the YMCA to shower and swim.


I get back and the the heater fixer is here and gets the heater running again. Bless him.


Now, William gets his shower and goes back to bed. The rest of the house is still not that warm.

Remember we are in Texas and it is not that cold. 30 degrees or so. So, we weren't freezing. Inside the house it was 54 degrees. Just cold enough to make you really uncomfortable.

Ruth I do hope that work is better today.

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