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space walking



I had a fall on Sunday afternoon. I had climbed a step-ladder to put away the last of the Christmas decorations. I had a box in my arms to put up and for some reason I looked back on the bed and fell into space. Came to with a lot of pain down my legs, a bump on my head and completely winded. I thought of yelling for help but knew my next door neighbours were out, Ray was sound asleep two rooms away and couldn’t help me anyway. So I managed to get to my hands and knees and crawled out of there.


Thank you to all who saw my message on Facebook and replied. I did have a phone call from a dear friend who said: “Ring me. I will come!” and reminders from others that I should keep a cell phone with me or some means of getting help if it happens again.


I fall very rarely, so I get complacent and think it never happens. Today I can feel that it did as I feel like one of those stick figures in kid’s drawings, as if my arms and legs are sticking out at odd angles. I guess I will have some bruising show up in the next few days but am so grateful it was not a heap worse. Imaging broken bones, like hips or legs or even an arm and trying to push Ray in the wheelchair – I shudder to think about it.


I did attempt a quiet day and it mostly worked. I did have Lucas this afternoon, with Trev working late in the afternoon and Edie working various shifts there are going to be times when they are both away so I will help out where I can and Edie’s Mum will do the same. We want them to be able to save money for their wedding next October and this is one way we can help out.


I enjoy having Lucas here. He is full of young ideas. I enjoy supervising him jumping on the trampoline, watching old kids videos, even his endless questions, at least it is some bright conversation. It makes a change from the quieter life Ray and I seem to live now. He isn't a lot of trouble, always eats his meals etc, he has a sweet tooth but what kid doesn't? Of course he does try and cajole sugary treats out of me but years of curbing Ray’s sugar intake have made me strong and I can stand up to him…lol.


It has been a fairly good day today. I am stiff and sore from the fall but the pain is bearable, it could have been so much worse. I must work on my emergency care plan again. I will have to look for the old post and maybe do another post using the information on it. We all need to have a workable plan for the “what ifs” in our lives.


I’ve just done the blog report and was reading Asha’s blog on how she reacts to appreciation and criticism and realise I am the same. If someone says something nice to me I think: “they are just saying that to be nice, they don’t really mean it” but if they criticize me right away I think: “how dare they. Look at how much I do for Ray, how can they be so cruel…so inconsiderate.” And that plays on my mind for days. I need to learn to just acknowledge and move on.


I am always touched just by the fact that people comment on the blogs. It means they actually read them and then sit down and write something appropriate, encouraging, praising, appreciative, giving out wise words and useful information. Sometimes some small comment will lighten the load and uplift the spirit of the blogger. It is a most beneficial and generous act on their part. So thank you, thank you, thank you to all who post a comment. It is so good to be among friends.


I am sorry that some of the people who searched for their blog and finally updated us on their happenings then let them lapse and forget about blogging for a while. It means we miss out on the next exciting episode. I guess some of us are more garrulous and out-going than others.


Or maybe writing a blog is a way of reflecting on your life once you have been space walking…lol.


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Sue, I so enjoy reading your blog. I love the way you think. There is always a life lesson in there. You are right we are all getting on in years and should have a contingency (sp) plan for when things go wrong. Accidents happen so fast. I forget to blog. Thanks for the reminder. I will get on it right away.



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I love reading your blogs too. I get so much strength from comments on my blog. I realized I am not that much different from other women, but as Maya Angelo says when you know better you do better. & I feel once you write down, you can see more clearly. so for me blogging is very therupetic.please be careful & do make back up plans, as we all know life can x=change in an instant.






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I am so glad that you were not seriously hurt. Yes, a cell phone is a must ...


I too, love your blogs. You are such a writer. I get to know you so well.



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Sue, I'm glad you're ok after such a mishap, and I'm glad you had a grandson to hold your hand and cheer your healing. Grandkids are a trip, I always let them do and eat whatever they want, then give them back, wired and dirty.


So did Ray give you the business on the fall, repeating your safety rules to you? I hope so. Gotta go, I'm eating sardines for breakfast and some of the mustard sauce just dripped on the keyboard. Later (((to you))), Mike

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sue i'm so glad you're alright. i usually get a little brain nudge that tells me not to do something; like picking up something too heavy; if i neglect that voice,i usually regret it.once a year i seem to get a reminder. last fall was in nov.and i hope that is the last fall. i'm paying closer attention to that little voice.laughbounce.gifblessings mlp

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