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I had a fall a few days ago too



A few days ago, I was making breakfast and like always, I work too fast as if I am in a hurry to get done because there is somewhere I have to go, which is not the case but old habits die hard. I must slow down. Anyway, making breakfast and the margarine container was too close to the heat and started melting. When I saw that, I pulled it away but it was too late. I turned around to get another container to transfer the part of the margarine that was not contaminated by the melting plastic. I turned too fast and lost my balance and went down. Andre heard the container hit the cupboard and me hit the floor, then nothing so he knew something was wrong. He came running to help but I was already trying to get up. I was shaky but otherwise fine. The fall, as it always does, scared me more than hurt me. When will I learn to slow down? That morning things went wrong. After the fall, I went to get some eggs from the carton and they were stuck so they broke in the carton. I hate it when that happens. So that was 3 things. Everything happen in 3s they say. So now I could get on with my day. Thank you Lord, the rest of the day went better for me.


In my last blog entry I was saying how proud I was of my son. I am still proud but I have not seen him since. He told us he wanted to get together for us to meet the girlfriend the week after xmas but that did not happen. I know he is very busy with his job since the real estate business was slow during the holidays and he was trying to catch up. Eventually we will meet her. Funny, I got her a small gift for xmas and gave it to Dan to give her. I never even got a call to thank me for it. Whats wrong with kids today? Dan did thank me for doing that but you would think I would have gotten a call from her. Oh well!! Usually with boy children, their mate will be the one to remind them to call his parents or to go visit. I guess I should not expect that from this girlfriend huh?



Ok thats all the rambling I am going to do this time, until I get another reminder from Sue. See you next time.


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Thanks for the catch-up. Sorry you had a fall too, doing too much too fast is something that does it. I'm glad Andre was there to give you help if you needed it.


Thank you phone calls don't happen much in this family either. Sad but we didn't bring them up as courteous as our parents did us.



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thanks for updating us about your life. I am glad your fall wasn't bad, but better learn from this experience and slow down. I have figured, if you start 5 minutes eaarlier then I don't end up rushing & get into accident in every activity I do. Also dome people are not good in those kind of social calling like thank you notes though that does not mean they are not good. It's just they are less organized people.



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mcd and Sue- you know better than to fall after reading about all my falls. I'm glad you didn't end up breaking something. I haven't been the same since my last fall when I punctured my lung due to a broken rib. I need to blog a follow-up on that episode. Thx for sharing but PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Love, Leah

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MC: Thank you for the birthday greetings. It was nice to get home from work, settle in with a glass of wine and then find your Happy Birthday.


I must say I was very impressed you got yourself up, shaken, but of course with no injuries. I pray for the day when I can say that about Bruce. He does very well, but with the non-use of the right leg and arm-hand, we have to crab drag on an afghan or blanket to get him to a grab bar, recliner or WC and even then, as strong as he is, he ends up with abrasions all over from getting up. Please be careful and yes, slow down. This is advice I gave myself nine months in and as tough as it was, it can be done.


I am sorry about your son and his girl friend. My best friend hounded her kids as little ones, making them write out thank you notes. Even as adults she reminds them and they put it off. I even appreciate a text mail, since they all do that all day long. Just a different generation. Keep in mind, you did what was a very generous thing. Take pride in that. And Be Careful, Debbie

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mc I now don't feel so bad about my fall when my husband came in the kitchen and I took a step and fell over like a drunken person. we have to all slow down, we may be all feeling like our old self.

Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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i'm usually good for 1 fall a year and it's because i get impatient and try to do something i shouldn't. rolleyes.gifhopefully you and sue are done falling for the year and beyond. if i'm down, i'm down for the count until someone comes to help.. if my husbands gone for the day. i promised kids and sister to keep cell phone in my pocket.


.i know i always have to remind my husband to call to thank his mom for christmas present.a rule i thought was good when kids were young and even applies to adults is that you can't use the present or cash until you thank the person who gave it to you. i have to admit i don't always follow my own rulerolleyes.gifblessings mlp

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oops mc, im glad you weren't hurt. i do the same things sometimes moving to fast and rushing, my patience level is almost nil now adays. i have to remind myself all the time to slow down. after my recent fall especially. you don't want to break a hip, so please be more careful.

hopefully you and dan and gf will get together soon for a nice lunch. as far as the thankyou goes, some people have more manners than others, maybe she just forgot. even a thankyou card would suffice. kids what can you say. i hope you have a safer week and can get together with your son soon.

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Thank you for all your replies. They mean a lot to me. I have been reminding myself to slow down. My son called me today and we are suppose to meet for lunch friday. To be confirmed thursday evening. Keep your fingers crossed for me. He has been known to change the plans at the last minute. I am hoping that wont happen this time.

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