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I love my son so much /2011 will be a good year for me



I cant believe it has been a week today since my little brother went into the hospital. 2 days later, Xmas day, he left us. Today was the funeral service. It was a beautiful service. He had a living will and he had planned everything to the last detail. His wife had only to follow his precise instructions. The priest told us there were 500 people present. My brother had touched so many people and all of them were present. After the service we were invited to the church basement for a glass of champagne to toast my brother. Before we went down they played I did it my way by Frank Sinatra. Could not be more fitting because my brother did it his way. I dont think he had any regrets, he did it all. My parents are so proud of their only son. We all ended up at my parents place after. My Dad needed people around him. He was strong all day, holding everything in. I had not gotten the chance to give my son Dan his xmas present. When I gave it to him, I told him I had no idea what to get him and that Andre suggested a nice pen to sign his contracts for his work as a real estate agent. He wanted me to get a Cross pen which is one of the best here in Canada. Dan left before I did.

Before I left I called Andre who had stayed home today because he had a bad virus, fever of 101F.

He felt bad about not being there for me plus he felt bad about not showing up at a very important family event since his re entry in the family. Everyone understood that he was sick and didnt want to take a chance of spreading his germs. When I called him, he told me something that made my day, my week, my year.


My son called him to say thank you for the pen, that He knew it was his suggestion. They had their first conversation in 5 years. Dan told Andre that He wanted his family reunited. He was waiting for Marc, his brother but no more he said. Marc can come back to the family when he is ready but he, Dan was not waiting anymore. Dan also told Andre that he wants to get together with us next week to introduce his new girlfriend.


I did not meet Dan's new girlfriend. I saw that she was at the service but she left after. Dan explained to me that he told her he wanted to stay without her today because he felt it his duty to look after the women in his family today. I did notice how attentive he was today. If someone needed something to drink, a chair or his arm, He was always at the ready to assist whether it was my Mom, my sister, my SIL or myself. He asked my keys when we were ready to leave and he went to get my car and parked it beside the door so that I did not have to walk too far.


I was so proud of my son. He has become a man any mother would be proud of. Him calling Andre like he did was the best gift he could ever have given me.Andre was pleased with the call as well. He has felt guilty because when he came in my life, I lost my family.


My other son, on the other hand, never addressed a word to me. Just before he left he said bye to me as if I was a stranger. never even wished me his condoleances. I grabbed his sleeve and pulled him to me and I said. Look how fast uncle Guy left us, before I could make things right between us. Please dont let that happen to us. He pulled away and said he diod not want to talk about it and he was gone. I am so very sad about that. I hope that some day, we can put this feud behind us and be a family again. I have one son back but I am greedy, I want them both in my life.


All in all, I had holidays that were very hard emotionally. Ups and downs. Who knows, maybe 2011 will be a better year for all of us. The year is starting well. Andre feels better tonight and we have plans to dine with my parents, my sis and her hubby, New Years day. The year is starting really well for me. I am happy.


I hope you All can read this. So many emotions going on for me. I feel like what I wrote does not make much sense. I am sorry for that.


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I'm so Happy that Dan was so thoughtful, I know you are so proud. I'm sure Marc will come around, especially when Dan talks to him.


I am so Happy for you, and wishing Andre' a speedy recovery for the Family dinner.


best wishes to you dear friend,



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oh mc i am so happy to hear that your son dan was so attentive to you , you deserve to be loved by your son and by andre as munch as you are and i am sure that once the new year comes along so will marc a happy new year tend to bring the family very closeand it certainly a plus that you have dan your son in your lifeand i am so happy to hear that andre is feeling well enough to dine out fora family dinnerand how sweet your son dan sounds youhave every reason to be proud of him i am sure that he really likes the gifts that you got your son dan now every time he sells hi house he will think of you i wish you all the best to you mc and then some a very happy new year your friendlenny

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I am saddened to learn of the death in your family...but delighted to hear about Dan. What an amazing year it will be for you in 2011 with your family.

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MC, things can change for the better, all the signs are there.


I am so glad you son Dan was gallant enough to stay and look after the women in his family. That is a sign of a good man, that he is kind to women.


Yes, I am sure 2011 will be a great year for you all.



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Thank you so much for your replies. I am happy and I also feel 2011 will be amazing. I have waited five years for that. In the new year, I wont have to choose, I will have both my Andre and my family in my life. Thanks again all of you.



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I am so happy to read this blog, you made my 2010 also wonderful. you got amazing son Dan & I am sure Marc will come around when he sees all of you having good family time together. It was very thoughtful of Andre for gift suggestion & equally thoughtful and gracious gesture by Dan by calling him & thanking him. you have amazing son, his wife will be one lucky girl. you should be very proud of him. I think give Marc some time, he will come around. hope and pray Andre feels better today & you can enjoy your dinner with family. I feel like fortune teller I know 2011 will be great year for you. all the signs are there, 11 is lucky number for you.




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I'm sorry to hear of your brothers death. It sounds like your son Dan has grown into a wonderful, caring man. You should be proud. Hopefully his brother will come around. You are a good woman and deserve a wonderful, happy 2011!


Best wishes.



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YOu have two wonderful sons. I am so glad that Dan...has come around. Given time hopefully Marc will also.

I am very proud of Dan.

Life is looking up. You just have to keep those doors open....


This year will be great for you..



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mc i too am happy to read this blog, you have waited so long for the family to be reunited and it will.its sad it took the death of your brother to bring everyone together, your brother was a smart man to have his final wishes known and carried out by his wife. i feel marc will come around, when he is ready, sons can be so stubborn. i think you and andre have done your part in this family feud. i would be very proud of dan too. he showed maturity and kindness as a man. that was a wonderful christmas gift to you when dan called andre. i think now if dan talks to marc, things will turn around. you have every right to be happy, especially after all you have been through. keep your spirits up and good things will follow. i'm sorry andre was sick and wasnt able to be with you but he did the right thing in staying home, its good he is feeling better now. you be careful and try not to catch whatever he had. it will be fun for you to meet the girlfriends i think, just be careful with your comments about them, LOL mothers don't always see in women what our sons do. mom's always wants the best women for their sons. please keep us updated on any good news you receive from marc.i want you to have a better year too 2010 is gone now. think positively about 2011 for all good things, happiness, love and winning the lottery to come your way. LOL

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mc you know we are all here praying and cheering you on for the new year.i too know how stubborn sons can be (i have 3). eventually they come aroound but they can test your limits. 2011 is a whole new start and i think it should be the best yet. so sorry to hear of your loss but hopefully this will get your son thinking about what you said.wishing you a very happy and healthy new year. blessings mlpYou-Rock.gif

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