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anniversary blues



well my husband nailed it on the head, I'm paranoid about other people judgement about me. I am the first one to help a friend in need but I have moments which I totally cave and give in to the same collections of thoughts I have to help others. I guess because I'm coming up to two years I'm just having a moment, I'm not sure.I have to explain myself over and over to people. I'm not sure. I guess when looking at me you would never think anything was wrong and that's why. OR I prided myself as being the top of my game . I guess it's just anniversary blues


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I have combined my anniversary as my valentines day, who says valentine' day has to be on feb 14 & not feb 8. I have felt so much love of my hubby for me on my stroke date. so at our household, valentine day comes early, and now I look forward to it.It's great that you don't have obvious stroke deficits. so you better celebrate your anniversary. It could have been worst, you were lucky. I wish you happy anniversary.



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hello, beautiful.first off I want you to kno i feel for you.i am 26 years old and the first thing i think to myself when i get dress every morning is what are people going to be whispering about me today but you are a beautiful women with a husband. you have your life what else could you ask for? Dont let others actions or words get you down. do what makes you happy with a smile on your face everytime.

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My wife gets on me all the time in being the same way as you. I just can't help it. I'm like that and I just passed 7 years but I had so many things before that in my life where I shouldn't be here but God wasn't ready for me then!

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Kelli, just be the best version of you you can be! Don't answer questions people do not ask, they will ask you what happened if they think they need to. Otherwise just think how lucky they are to have you in their lives!


Yep, it is anniversary blues, gets me every year when I think of what we have lost as a couple since Ray's major strokes. But then I just have to rejoice in what we have left. You do too.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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My mom do'es our book for my restoration company She gets involved by her own choice. Shy is a wonderfuf 80 y old old woman. My nefews work for the company.One of them owns 25%. I have been parinoid since my cva that they were plotting against me. I feel like i am not pulling my weight. I know how silly this sounds.



What is left of the mind works in mysterous ways. Peace love happyness to ALL

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