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Is that spring lurking in the corner?


I think so and that's what keeping me positive. I can't wait to have the smell of life in the air. Before my stroke I rode my bike 20 miles a day and lost 50lbs. I know I can't do that but when I'm outside , I can ride forever. The weather has been horrible here. I've spent three days in a row in bed and slept. I would have written that off a being lazy. I now know that if I'm tired, I must need it. Well. I must have needed it. Boy I have the most understanding husband. He woke me up in time to eat. Smart man. I know not everybody has someone like me and I'm humbled by that daily. People on stroke net don't realize how much they influence my daily routine. When I'm feeling down, I think of the strength and courage of you all and that adds to my power.






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Kelli you must know that you are a great support to people here too. I cant wait til spring myself. It is still a few months away but time really flies so it will be here in no time. You are doing the right thing by listening to your body. When you are tired, sleep is what you need to do. The brain heals while we sleep.You can use that line too. All the best



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I feel the same way about strokenet and friends I made over the years. this winter I have not gone out to walk due to my fracture & now I am waiting for spring so that I will start going out again. I am glad you are blessed with understanding husband who realizes you need rest.:



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I must add, I feel the same way too or three! I love the sunshine and warm weather. If I could I'd live in Hawaii forever, I love the weather there year round!



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hey kelli did you change the homepage here to do the countdown to spring? 79 days! i love it and the baby chicks. outside gives us no clue at all and now they're saying more snow sat. i already said uncle . i'd put out a white flag but no one could see it.laughbounce.gif where else can you get excited when you see a green blade of grass growing? the little things.flowers.gif blessings mlp lynn

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