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Wait.. what?



it's been a while since I've been here. So still busy counting down the days till summer then I can complain about it being so hot.So sitting here listening to my music and thinking ti myself... self I said... ' I really can't remember my life before the stroke. Now not sure if that's a good thing. I spoke to my husband about that the yesterday. I know i wasn't just born like "POOF" one day I was here, but that's how i feel. I know I was little and had memories....... ((sigh)) I'm sure over time they'll come back but it really is a strange feeling trying to think back before this and all I get is a brick wall. I know it sounds funny but it's true. I really feel like my life is like that move 50 first dates. Everyday is a new day, Maybe it's for the best but very bizarre. OK I know I'm married but I don't recall to much from it. Just enjoy the sun and everyday.


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very true kelly enjoy the moment and have fun with it weither it is sunny or not i like your attitude about living for the now good way to live and don"t worry kelly i am so looking for the summer or just spring and yes like you i will be complaining aboutthe heat but loving every minite of it

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Kelli, I am in the middle of summer and last Tuesday when it was 42 degrees (about 105) I would have swapped you the day. So think MILD summer's day..lol.


I think it is common to not really remember your life before stroke and so much healthier than moping about the past.



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You (we) should only look forward! I don't think it's uncommon. It's a blur to me but again, maybe that's a good thing (?)


Maybe stroke forces us to 'live in the moment' & embrace whats yet to come! :)




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That Is the best part of my Stroke. Every Day New. Every day i am gratful to be here and In one piece. Even oatmeal tastes difrent.

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