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A Stroke of encouragement



I was in New York for my eye therapy as I am every Saturday. I met a lovely woman who was visibly upset because she is a functional woman who has double vision when she reads. I know trying to read when experiencing double vision is difficult. Well as I sat across the room from her and listening to her speak to the doctor, I was compelled to speak, When the doctor left i added a few words of encouragement. I simply explained I had a stroke and still suffer from double vision, Day but day i get better and no score in the therapy is right or wrong. Just simply a baseline to grown from. As grateful as she was she began to cry as I told her my story. I'm moved by the sincerity of her emotions but no really understanding. I'm glad I've recovered significantly you cant tell I've had a stroke. Why would that move a person? Could it be because many people don't normally suffer strokes that I did? Probably. Either way I'm glad the story is being told and I'm not trying to get anyone to stop going to seeing these Doctors but rather be informed


As my anniversary date nears at the end of this month, I still can 't fathom it's been 2 years. I understand the first year is trying to gain whatever functions basically needed in the beginning process of recovering. I still can't believe it's even happened. But as I and other say, 'Look at the alternitive' ( pushing up daisy's) scary. and I cant but this anniversary I'm going to be more then thankful that despite every my husband stayed,(Bonus is my wedding anniversary is the 10 + valentines + my rebirhtday)


Im so self centered You have to be that way for you are the best thing you'll ever have.


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your story & strength encouraged & moved her to see how strong you are even with such a great misfortune striked you, & you are still staying so strong. For me first 2 years were the hardest then I realized so many positives still left in my life & for that I am forever greatful. I feel life is still great post stroke just little different.



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Kelli, so pleased you could give that woman some reassurance. I know the stroke was a dreadful experience and you still fight the deficits.


But it has made you a wonderfully strong woman and a true mentor in generously sharing what you have learnt with everyone.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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