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grandaughter names birds



a little humor while we sit out yet another snowstorm.i now have 4 cardinals visiting feeders. i really feel blessed every time i see them. abby named 1st male ocho (no idea why) and 1st female sally. yesterday 2 females on same branch; called her and told her sally had a sister or ocho another girlfriend tsk tsk. told her she had to give the new one a name and she told me to name her. i said rosa, red in spanish, to go with the male's spanish name. she thought a bit and then said no. so much for my turn for a name.dribble.gif lol. she named her portia.!?! later a 2nd male turned up!. wanted to call and see what his name would be;, but when i called earlier, it create some hassle as abby gave phone to maddie to say hi and then took it away. crying and temper ensued and abby then wanted to come here. thought i better wait a day. when son called today i told him that i had a new male and abby had to name him. i suggested cinco(football reference to ochocinco)bouncesmile.gif lol. again i got vetoed. now his name is venti, spanish for clue why this little redheaded irish girl is going spanish?bouncesmile.gif we're supposed to watch girls tomorrow. ocho, sally,portia and venti better showhappydance.gifit cracks me up now when i see the birds and say hi to them and thank God for sending them here. it is truly a blessing mlp lynn


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Sounds like you got your hands full, but how do you tell the girls from the boys?...I know, one got a ring around the neck, the other has a ball head! Right?

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fred in addition to that, the males are a bright red (have to attract the girls) the female is brownish with a red tinge, both quite beautiful. had thegirls today, made mistake other female casrdinal's name is not portia but fortiauhm.gif never heard that one but she insisted that was her name . if i didn't have stroke, i think i would still be losing my mind.most of it went raising 3 boysroflmao.gif!blessings mlp lynn

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Lyn, You would have a field day at my house. I have so many cardinals male, females and yearlings. Yes the males are the most beautiful red with black markings. I also have a family or two of redheaded woodpeckers, for I have a dead tree in front of my house they live in. I too love watching the birds.

Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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