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vacation time if plane can take off



hi guys, i'll be away for 12 days if the plane can take off tomorrow. it's been cold but calm all week.however tomorrow it's going to be more snow, some sleet and freezing rain. my sisters and i are supposed to leave for the florida haters please;bouncesmile.gif it's been one of the worst winters in the northeast that i sister has a time share in new smyrna beach where we'll be staying. hubby will get a little break ..i just hope i can keep up with my eldest sister; she's the one who is always on the go,last year ireland and scotland . the day after we arrive home she's taking off for arizona.her friends daughter has a town house so the 2 of them are heading there. my brother lives about 3 mis. away. i think my sister-in-law has our trip all planned. help head_hurts.gif.i'll miss the

stroke network family terribly. i can't think i'lll be going cold turkey. hopefully one day we can go to brothers and i can log in. everybody behave and no falling!okay forget about behaving but still no falling.spoton.gifhere's hoping for an uneventful flight.cocktail.gifblessings lynn outofhere.gif


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hi Lynn:


we will miss you, but will be waiting for your detailed fun filled report when you come back. hope you have great time with your sisters in warm florida.



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FLorida warmth is right! We've been expecting days in the upper 70's to low 80's all week and the weekend doesn't look too much different. A small chance for rain on Sunday, but they say we should have nice weather for your trip.


Welcome to the "Sunshine State!"

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blog i can do. photos i'm afraid are beyond my computer knowledge. hopefully son could help with that. blessings lynn

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