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my birthday date with my son



I am so happy. My birthday panned on 3 days this year. Wow. I was to meet my son and his girlfriend at the restaurant. Of course I was there early, I am always early. I would rather wait than make others wait for me. We were meeting at 5:30, in the middle of traffic peak. I expected that he would be late so I settled down with a coffee and did some people watching. Something I never do. I turned my phone on in case something happened that Dan could not make it. Good thinking there. I called Andre at home and told him my phone was on in case Dan called. I put the phone back in my purse and waited. About 15 minutes later My handsome son came in carrying a large bouquet of flowers, for me. Wow! It turns out he called Andre to tell him he was stuck in traffic and they both tried to call me but with all the noise in the restaurant I did not hear my phone. So much for turning it on. Dan came towards me mouthing his apologies for being late. No problem, he was not that late, I was early but did not tell him that. He felt bad enough by then. He and his girlfriend came in their own cars so she arrived about 10 minutes later. She is so sweet and a beautiful blond girl. I immediately liked her. We had a nice dinner, italian, the flowers were beautiful and the company was great. We did not linger after dinner like we used to as we are smokers and couldn't wait to get out of there to smoke. When I got home, Andre was waiting to hear all about it. We put the flowers in water, I made dinner for Andre and we talked while he ate and for a long time after. Today is the day we chose to"officially″ celebrate my birthday, We both slept in very late. Then I had my coffee with milk as today is my cheat day as well. We are each on our computers checking emails and blogging (me) then we will start watching our movies and later will order take out. This is my birthday in a nutshell. Til we meet again...


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hey MC:


thanks for updating us with all the juicy details of your birthday bash. though now I wish how i would have love to be fly on te wall to see Dan's new girlfriend. next time take pictures & update for your noisy friends lol. It's nice to see you are loved by so many people. you have amazingly thoughful son, next time give him hug from all of us.



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I am so happy to hear that you had a wonderful birthday dinner with your son and his girlfriend.

I am like you. I am early.


Happy birthday.



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what a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday.

happybday.gif flowers, family and italian food. glad you got to meet the girlfriend and liked her.all the best and blessings lynn

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