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I had a nice day today



I had a date for lunch with my son today. As usual, he called just before I was ready to leave to meet him. Oh no I said, you are canceling? No but can we make it dinner instead. I went to bed at 6am so I would rather dinner if you dont mind. Of course I mind but I did not say that. After lunch I was dropping in for my weekly visit with my parents. So I went there after my errands. It turned out better than expected as my Dad decided to join us. My Dad loves going out but he is pretty much homebound because my mom never wants to go out. She is not aging gracefully. So I had my 2 favorite people after Andre of course to dine with me. I am glad I held my tongue when Dan called this morning. Life is funny sometimes.


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Dan came through. Yes, life is funny. YOu never know how things will turn out. I am so happy that you had a wonderful day with you favorite people.



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I am glad you let it roll the way events were unfolding, sometimes God surprises us with much better results if we trust in him & flow with life. glad you had great dinner with two of your favorite people.



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MC: great day. I am so glad your Dad was able to get out with you. What a nice treat! Yes, there are times, upon reflection later, that I am often pleased I held my tongue. So glad things worked out so well. Debbie

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