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Wow, my last entry was in February, how time flies. The warm weather is sure taking long to get here this year. I can`t wait to sit on my patio. Saturday I went to my sister and Bil`s 35th anniversary party hosted by their kids. I saw extended family and friends. I had not seen in years. It was nice but by 10pm I was ready to head home. I am not used to going out at night anymore and I was so glad to get back home. I guess Im getting old. My Dan was at the party with Chriss his g/f. It is always a pleasure to see him. My nephew who works for Transport Canada is leaving in a month on a work program in Afghanistan. He is thrilled. I don`t know how his mom, my sister is taking that news. Thats it for me, not a big update but my life is same ole same ole these days.


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Time does pass real fast and I'm real slow then I always say, "I'll do it tomorrow" that doesn't happen. Before I know it Sue is posting her Blog Report for that week. I know then I didn't write my blog but it seems I never have the time to sit and get it done!


Maybe I'm just too busy, probably why I don't get depressed, I don't have time! :big_grin:


I certainly hope and pray your nephew makes it back from Afghan and saves his money so he won't wish to go there again. I just look at that country as a war zone where any body can get killed at any time like it was in Vietnam.


Well, now you can start thinking about your next Blog for next week! :big_grin: :cocktail:

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Thanks for the update MC. I love to know how all the bloggers are getting on, you among them. It is good to know you have the relationship with your son and his girlfriend now, I remember how you grieved about that.


You do so much here supplying information to all the newbies I am not surprised you don't have the energy to update your blog often.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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