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Rocker T knife and other good stuff



Well it's the weekend again the week has just flown by. I had a few questions on my last blog so I wanted to answer those. The website where I found the rocker T knife is at www.activeforever.com. I also have the Swedish cutting board and it makes life easier as well. For opening bottles or holding things in place while you're trying to use them I would recommend the 'Dycem Non-Slip Rolls' I have this stuff in the bathroom and the kitchen. That way I can use it to open the mouthwash bottle in the bathroom or pop bottle in the kitchen on my own. We've gone out to dinner a few times in the last couple weeks and I was able to take a piece of the non-slip to put under the plate at the restaurant and then use my rocker T knife to cut up my own food. That felt wonderful to be able to do stuff by myself without having someone else to do it for me.


I'm back in PT now two days a week for my shoulder and I'm hoping in March to start HBOT again once a week. This cold weather that were having is really making my left shoulder ache a great deal. I Wish it were spring already, I am so sick of winter.



Seems like during this part of the winter I have more bad days than good. The cold makes everything hurt and the clouds just bringing my mood down. I love the spring when it is sunshiny and warm. I'm just trying to keep busy keep my mind occupied so I don't sit and think. Because all that does is make me feel down. I go to PT twice a week, see the social worker once a week and then usually have at least one Dr.'s visit a week for something. This last week I went to the pain clinic and got the injections in my neck to help stop the pain from going up into the head and causing migraines. I'm going about every three months now for the shots, a couple days of pain for a few weeks of relief is a fair trade in my book. He's using steroids so that's why I can only go every three months they won't do them any closer together. Well my shoulder is starting to ache so I think a better finish this up.

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Thanks for the update and the helpful information. Ray had the special plate guard when he was in rehab but seems to manage okay at home. He couldn't get the hang of the rocker knife so I cut up his food for him.


I agree about winter, if we have a wet and windy one I tend to go stir crazy too. I appreciate the warm days of summer but the very hot ones are not good for Ray.


I hope the sun shines through for you soon.



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