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Decisions and the weather



Well I came to a decision it is one i have been thinking about for a long time. My husband doesn't agree with my decision but with the help with the social worker I've come to see that I cannot let other peoples feelings about me become how I see myself. Sometime between now and May as soon as I can get everything setup I'm going to go take a driver's evaluation at the rehabilitation center near us if they Say I am okay to drive I am going to start driving whether or not my husband wants me to. I feel being able to drive and do stuff when I want to do it without having to ask for rides will be a big boost for my independents. The more independent I am the bigger boost my self-confidence will get. I have wanted to try driving for over a year now but my husband didn't think I was ready. So after a while of hearing him say it over and over again I started to believe it, but no more I am ready to drive and I want to drive. As long as the rehab center feels I am ready as well and I do not see any reason not to drive. It will make getting to and from my appointments so much easier and so much less stressful. If I don't have to try and find rides for everything my stress level will be lower. I don't know if I'll ever be comfortable on the freeway again, but by using surface streets I can get everywhere I need to go it may just take a little longer. Even before the stroke I never really like driving on the freeway so it's not a big deal not to drive there again.


The weather's been teasing us here we've had a couple days in the 50s but now were expecting snow tomorrow and possibly a wintery mix and then it goes back into the 20's and 30s for next week well I guess we had our February thaw now were back into winter again it was nice while it lasted.


Were going to try and go to Auto-Rama on Friday so I hope the weather is at least clear for that day. Driving downtown in the best of weather can be hard at times with all the construction and road closures add in bad weather and it is nearly impossible sometimes.


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I also listened to my hubby for first 2 years & did not drive man it made me so much more depressed & angry about my situation. finally I went to rehab for driving lessons & started driving, though I drive only local roads, though just driving on local roads is more than enough for me I can still achieve my household chores & take care of my son's activities, & if we have to go on freeway then I depend on hubby. but just being able to drive has done such a great efect on my selfesteem.so go ahead & take that independence back, I know you can do it



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Cheryl: you give it a shot. the pros will tell you if you are ready. You get behind the wheel and you will know. Best of luck and please just be careful. Debbie

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i hope you're able to get back behind the wheel soon. rehab should be able to give a true assessment of your abilities. when i first drove my husband was a wreck. i told him i would bring the cell phone and call if there was a problem. if i was going to be longer than first expected i would call to let him know not to worry.i also drive as many of the back roads as possible or at least drive at nonpeak traffic times.

good luck and blessings lynn


it did make life easier because i could schedule app'ts. without the worry of who could drive me.

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