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Winter is back



Well we got about 9 inches of snow yesterday and last night, so much for an early spring. When my husband went to work this morning he said the roads were bad. The news is telling people that if they don't have to drive to stay home. Our snow shoveler was here and got the walks and driveway all clean. They're saying we could get another 3 inches later today and another 5 inches later this week. I really hate winter it can be spring anytime I'm ready. I almost wish we hadn't had the 50° temperatures last week it just makes this weather that much harder. After last week's 50° I could finally walk out in the backyard without fear of falling on ice or snow. Now I can't anymore until the snow melts which will not be anytime soon. As for driving evaluation I'll wait now until the snow is gone before I try and do anything about that. When I first start driving again I don't want there to be snow and ice. I need time to get comfortable with driving again like this summer and fall before I drive in snow and ice.


I went to support group meeting last week and think I will probably go back next month. They only have them once a month. I met a lot of nice people at the meeting. Most of the people at the meeting were a lot older than me but there was one woman about my age.


Not this weekend but next weekend my sister and I are going to try and attend a workshop to learn how to grow herb gardens on your windowsill. There's a problem with the website for signing up so we will try and stop Wednesday in the store to see if we can sign up.

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I would be very bored by the snow, it is pretty and white on Christmas cards but very hard to live with. I was born in England so I remember snow from there, cold stuff that small boys trickled down your neck...lol.


Hope it thaws soon and there are some blue sky days for you to enjoy.



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