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thursday...a vacation day....



I had promised William a vacation day. This is a day spent as if we are tourists. I had the day off work.

We woke up early and went to the pool. That is always a nececssary part of the day. We stayed for an hour and did our regular stuff.

I announced that we would go directly to the museum of Natural Science or the art museum. william decided that the Natural Science museum was what he wanted to see. I found a handicap spot. Lucky us. We went in and decided to check out he I-max and the special showcases. The special was on imigration through Galveston, Texas. We opted to see the Galveston special since we live next to Galveston. It was nice.. Very quite...hardly anybody else was in the area. We took our time and read and listened to everything. The docent told us that the exhibit had been extended and most people did not realize that it had been extended.

We were famished. William says that he needs something to eat. The museum has a McDonalds. I tell William that we can have a snack at McDonalds...it is soooo good. I don't usually like McD's. But , it hits the spot today. After our snack I take us to the 3rd floor and we see the exhibit on native american indians. it is good. William says that he is tired and I agree that it is time to head for home.

i had planned on different place for lunch, but after our snack and tour we did not feel like anything except home.

i told William that I had to stop by the library before I went home. He said "go ahead but let me wait for you in the car"

I had to pick up the DVD on the painted churches. WE will be going on a tour of the painted churches in early March. I haven't gotten the day off yet. But, i hope to be able to go. We are watching the CD now. it is very good.

William has just woken up from his nap. Our outing had him exhausted. But, he remembered to ask to stop for a Dairy Queen cone. Chocolate dipped before I made it back home.

We managed the outing and had a good day.

I have the day off tomorrow and I hope to repeat the pool and go to the theater for a movie.

We shall see. Ruth

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Ruth, I remember when we had Mum living with us when she was in early dementia and Ray and I would have six hours off as she had a morning out and then a carer. We would do the special things that you and William do for your vacation day. I really looked forward to our special days together.


Now Ray is too tired for that to interest him. We still have meals out but he wants to come home straight away.


Enjoy your days out together, as many of them as you can manage.



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