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The Grace Card



Today is Friday. We made it to the pool and did our hour of exercise.

I had promised William a movie today. I announced that we would check out the movies on the way home. It seems that we an hour to waste.


We decide to get a bite to eat and then make it to the movies.


Time works out perfectly. The Movie (The Grace Card) worked out perfectly. William had no problem understanding it.


When we made it home. I put William to bed. He needs a rest after the pool and the movie.


I had to go to work for an hour.


Tonight, we will have some friends over for dinner and cards (bridge). They are helping me get William back into bridge again.




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Wow Ruth, bridge is a hard game to follow so if William can do that with some help that is a great cognitive therapy.


You do so well, looking after William and working and still having some time out for lunch and a movie.



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seems like great time had by all, movie, lunch out & cards with friends what more one would want.glad you are adjusting to new normal.



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