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Arbitration for relocation



Well, I thought my employer might have backed away from going into arbitration with my neurologist recommending relocating me to a less physical job. The employer's neurologist report is deceitful. It states that I have full arm function and he did not mention the lupus anti-coagulant in my blood which makes the blood clot ++. I'm taking coumadin for the rest of my life because of it, so in a way one could say it's "under-control". Still, my brain scan showed that this was not my first stroke, the other 2 were unnoticeable but still showed up on the MRI! The heavy lifting and physical exertion associated with my job as a nursing aide is not a healthy option for me. I guess that's why my neurologist recommends relocation. But my employer is fighting tooth and nail over it. They were harassing, intimidating, unpolite and trying to provoke an on the spot early return to work. They were trying to overwhelm me so they wouldn't have to deal with the problem of relocation; it would be easier for them if I just QUIT. I will not quit. Even if I do lose in the arbitration process, I will not quit. I will probably miss a lot of work days or reduce my working week to 4 days. Anyway, not there yet. Even if my disability is minor, I want to fight for relocation, wouldn't you!


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