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Lincoln- Douglas Ball Update



I had intended to sleep in a little bit on Saturday morning. Well, my phone started ringing at 9:00 am. Argh.gif


First it was my mother. She called to tell me that she was very ill and wouldn't be able to make the ball. She didn't even sound like my mother. I wished her a speedy recovery, told her I would stay home and rest too, if I were ill, told her I loved her and hung up. Next it was my mother-in-law. She wanted to tell me about my mother. Then, she called back again to let me know there was a big estate sale going on 2 doors down from her and she saw some items that Laney and Tom may want for their new apartment. She had set adside $X for the kids to spend. Then my father-in-law called to tell me the same thing.


OK, I called Laney. She came over and Sam, Laney and I drove over to the estate sale. She did find a few items that she needed, a coffee table, kitchen table & chairs, and a few knick knacks that she felt were charming. She drove home again with her things, and Sam and I stayed to visit with my father-in-law and Erin, my furry buddy.


Fast forward to Noon. Sam and I left Dad's and raced home so Sam could get ready for his Saturday afternoon Tai Chi class. It really isn't good form for the teacher to be late. I chose to take a nap. Then the phone rang again. It was Sam's Dad. Did we know anyone who would like to take my parents' place at the ball? The tickets were already paid for, and it seemed a waste to have empty places. So, ok, made a few calls. Found a couple that was interested and available, called my father-in-law back and told him, then took that nap.


Up by 4 and starting to get ready. I decided to wear the gown I wore 2 years ago...if it still fit. If it didn't, I had a back-up. Sam helped me into teh gown and, would you believe it, it fit better than it had when I wore it 2 years ago!!!!!!!!!!! I was extatic. cloud9.gif


The gown is a color somewhere between purple and burgandy, so I accessorized it with the pink pearls my grandmother had given me on my 16th birthday. Sam wore the suit he had worn when we got married and, as usual, looked AWESOME in it. He really does clean up well and I very much appreciate him in a suit. Off we went.


Everyone met up in the lobby of the hall. Introductions all around. A lot of people there, a lot of people coming up to us to say hi and ask how I'm doing. OK, leg started to tell me I needed to sit down, so I asked my father-in-law if we could go ahead and go into our table. He ushered all of us into the ball room and to our table, all the way in front. Well, I got my exersize for the day!


Starters were being passed by waiters and waitresses. Unfortunately, they were all shellfish. Sam went off and found me some lovely fruit, cheese and crackers. Have I mentioned that I am married to the most wonderful man on Earth? More people dropping by the table to say hi, etc. Then the oprogram started.


There are teh typical thank you's and little awards while dinner is being served. This year was a ceasar salad, followed by a beautiful chicken marsala, very tasty. Desert was chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache filling. After dinner came the "Grand Pramanade!"


It's a tradition at the Lincoln-Douglass. Everyone goes out to the lobby, pairs up, then processes in to the stage where they split, going to both sides, and are handed swords (the plastic pirate type swords, no live metal here), and they walk back down, rejoin as pairs, process back up, cross swords, everyone goes through, back around, drops off the swords and goes around 1 more time. The whole thing is rather silly, especially since the theme to Star Wars is being played the whole time, but then, if you can't dress up in suits and ball gowns and act silly, when can you? After the Grand Pramanade, we break into the Electric Slide! That too is a tradition.


Well, I skipped the Grand Pramanade. Our Priest, who is this tiny little black woman (remember, we are Episcopalian, so clergy can me either male of female), came and asked if she could borrow Sam for the pramanade. I said by all means! Sam is her favorite person to pick on. Probably has something to do with his father being the retired priest in residence (we also let our clergy marry and have families), his mother is on the vestry, and I am the director of Christian Education. Anyhow, off they went! roflmao.gif


The electric slide over, the real dancing begins. It's fun just to people watch and I contented myself with that for a while. Sam (wh is, remember, the most wonderful husband on Earth), asked me if I wanted to give it a try. He promised he'd hold me up, so I didn't even need my cane. He's so sweet. We danced most of one song, then I wanted to sit back down. My right arm and leg were starting to do that burning thing that tells me I haave done too much in a day. We talked and people watched the rest of the evening and had a really good time! Dance.gifchat.gif


Midnight and this Cinderella knew it was definitely "pumpkin time." Back home, into bed and out almost the second my head hit the pillow. I wish my mom and dad could have been there. We had a great time!!!Zzzz.gif


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Lydia, I enjoyed your post. I almost felt as if I was there. Larry and I use to dance and "the electric slide" brings back memories, although I could never quite master it. We did a lot of "swing dancing" in our days. It sounds like you were able to enjoy yourself and socialize. Take care and best wishes to you in your recovery.

Julie, caregiver to Larry

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thanks for an update. I felt like fly on your dancing ball event. I can tell you had great time dancing with love of your life. I am so glad you gave it a shot & enjoyed it.



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You mean you got in bed and went to sleep like you were tired out? OK, well making whoopee in the early morning ain't so bad either, he, he!


I'm for one, glad you all had a great time together. There is nothing like togetherness in a marriage.


You made a good point about marriages and religions and God made man then woman from the rib so man wouldn't be alone. Then a man and woman has to be not married ever in certain church settings but the man will molest little boys in the church, I just can't and don't understand how that was started way back whenever?


I may be way wrong but I'm told the father of the church can't accept money from the church as his pay and owe no taxes to IRS? He can't get paid!


Well, I'm glad your church enjoyed the outing and I guess if you hadn't made the trip the little tiny woman would have danced Sam's shoes right off his feet? :big_grin: :cocktail:

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I was anxious to read your blog. You did so well. I love your detail. i can just see it. and the food!!

I can just imagine all of the gowns and suits....What a wonderful night!!

Thank you for sharing with us.




I am so happy that you had a great time.

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