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Starting to do things again



Last night, while Sam and I were catching up on tv programs we had on the dvr, I found myself, pencil in hand, starting to create repeating patters of shapes on graph paper. It felt a little odd at first, but I ended up filling up 4 sheets, no 2 sheets the same shapes.


Frankly, that is the first anything creative I've done since the stroke. I know my stroke was left-sided, so I am right-side affected and am left-handed, so it shouldn't have been a problem. I just haven't felt much like being creative, which is frustrating Sam.


He gave me a beautiful set of brand new stained glass tools for my birthday, about a month before my stroke. With all of the holiday stuff going on, I hadn't had time to use them before Christmas. Anyone who has looked at my profile knows what happened the day after Christmas - strokeville!


So, I'm thinking I'll try the hand out on something a little more complicated than graph paper. Maybe I can get myself to the point where I feel comfortable with pliers and a glass cutter in my hands, some time in the near future. Probably, I'll start with a paintbrush. It's less likely to be dangerous.


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