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Too tired to play today



Too tired to play today

I stayed inside on a beautiful day

And slept like Rip Van Winkles kin

And when I awoke I was too tired again


The children ask to play their games

They want me to run around in the grass

And chase them upstairs to make time pass

But I just smile and tell them sorry

I'm too tired to play today


I am not old and was so strong

I could chase my boys all day long

But the strokes have stolen my energy


Now I watch or more often listen

As they tell me of things that I'm missin'

Because I had to go back to bed

My weary body refused to play

As I tell them Sorry, I'm too tired today

They smile at me and kiss me quick

And run for the door lickety-split


They grow up knowing that I cannot play

Now they have stopped asking

And with each passing day

I miss their faces as I chased them down

tickled their bellies and kissed their cheeks

Their screams of delight as they yelled

You can't get me!!


I sit here writing of things I now miss

As they no longer come asking for me

Because I'm the one who used to play

I wish that I could but not today

I'm going back to bed

I'm too tired to play today


LBW 2005

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