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I have a war going on in my mind called frustration.

It is trying to drag my already fragile happiness down the drain of despair called depression.

I am feeling so restless and missing the activities I loved to do to keep busy with. I feel like a prisoner in this body that will not cooperate and tires out so fast.

I am suffering from major spring fever and this is the first spring since this last stroke that I am unable to do much except watch people enjoy the activities I used to do along with them.

It makes me wish for things that can no longer be.

And the circle is completed as I try to substitute another activity that really doesn't interest me, because I will be trying something new and different. But it just makes me remember how much I miss the "other" Laura.

And frustration becomes the norm!!

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i miss the other me too. i know how you feel. it is VERY frustrating and painful. i have nothing to offer here except to say that in time it may get better, there's always hope. you are a multi faceted person with much to offer. perhaps if you gave these new things you mention half a chance, maybe it will help the depression. i will certainly hope so!!!


laura, you are in my thoughts

kim pash.gif

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