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Look Out World A New Teenager Is Here!!!!



I took my nephew, James, out to dinner for his birthday last night, his real day is Saturday but he will be at his grandparents and with his friends so I have to jump in and take advantage of a night to have time with him myself. Since I can not drive anymore my sister, his mom, was our "limo" driver and of course the younger boy, my "Babydoll", Sean, had to come as he is too young to be home by himself.

My "Hot Dates" as the boys called themselves were just rearing to eat at our local Applebee's and spend the nite as our dates to my sister and I.

My soon to be teenage nephew was given his first "adult" menu and ordered a full steak dinner while his brother teased him about having the "Most Bestest" toasted cheese sandwich off the kids menu.

I was seated next to James when I started remembering the chubby, curly headed, baby that he used to be, the time had melted the years off his face and flashed pieces of his babyhood, toddlerhood, and elementary school days in a way that almost brought tears to my eyes because I suddenly felt so blessed to have been here for so much of this special guys life.

My sister and I are very close and when it was found out I had cancer years ago that would prevent me from having children of my own my sister gladly "Shared" her two boys with me and I became their "Other Mother" as my sister always put it. The boys call me ma and my sister mom. I have done all the things that a mother would have to do from chicken pox and diaper rashes to boyscouts, football and ER visits. So I have full mommy training and have enjoyed every minute of watching and teaching these two little guys to grow and become young gentlemen in their own standing.

My boys have always treated my strokes as though it were just another change in the house that happens every day. And now that I have become more incapacitated by this last stroke and need more help they just step right in and pick up on what I need sometimes before I ask for it. They help me get out of the truck and unfold my walker as though it was second nature to them.

I then saw the years grow back until they were looking at the young man sitting next to me about to enter a very exciting and tough part of growing up, and I said to myself wow, my baby's going to be 13 in a few days.

I looked at his now short crew cutted hair, glasses, and tall lean frame and it just didn't seem possible that he was that same little chubby baby I had held to get him to sleep at night while my sister took a break from being mommy and take a shower or take some time to be with her hubby and have some alone time together.

Then I looked at my sister and said "Jodi, God help the world on Saturday", puzzled she replied "Why" and I smiled and said "Look out world a new teenager is here!!"

We both laughed and the staff at the restaurant sang Happy Birthday to our now young man, James. It was a great nite and blessing to be here to share these times in their lives. It made me feel so grateful that I am still alive and able to be a part of their growing up.


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My son turned 13 in November. His voice is starting to change, girls are calling and he has fuzz on his upper lip. He also is starting the lip dragging on the floor in a perpetual pout. I too had the same memories of distinctly remembering when he was a baby, toddler and on up. Now I have this headbanging stranger who has taken over my sons body. I don't mind some of his musical choices but the headbanging stuff rates up there with rap.

He also blushes now, even more so if he has a friend over and I say something outspoken. "Mom! You're embarrassing me! I have a friend over"! Most of his friends have been coming over to the house since they were all in third grade. They aren't embarassed by me, only my offspring is. Maybe that will be one point as his aunt that you will dodge, embarassing him!


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Too late it's already happened and yes, it's Ma, I have company!! And also he's embarrassed to have me see him with his shirt off even though he asked me for a shirt.

I loved it when he announced that his mother and I had become "Icky" girls.

Got to love them!!

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