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Wonder, insightful, caring and supportive



I had to take a minute to express myself about the people here on Stroke Net. Everyone I have met, read, chatted with, etc. has made my recovery and living post-stroke easier to face, therefore easier to do.


It is truly comforting to me that so many people can take a few sentences, a few phrases, a few words and completely ignore the spelling and grammar mistakes, focusing like a laser into the feelings, fears, concerns, or excitement of what I am trying to say and offer unconditional support, comfort, advice, true empathy, and a sense of "belonging."


I honestly feel as though I am never alone, since joining Stroke Net. I can simply turn on my computer, type what I am feeling/experiencing into a forum post or blog, and rest assured, before even a few hours have gone by, at least 1 person has offered their reply. Everyone here has absolutely been the answer to a prayer.


I can't adequately express the hope, comfort, insight, strength and courage all of you has given me in the short time since I became a Stroke Net member.


I love the way you have been excited with me when I meet a goal, have even the smallest success, or speak about an upcoming event. I am comforted by your words of encouragement, support and acceptance when I fall short, show fear or concern, rage against life, or want to hide away from it.


You have given me many things to think about, many good ideas to try, many words to help explain life to others, not to mention the courage to try things like dancing with Sam.


For all of this, I am ever grateful and hope that I can go at least a small measure of the same for another survivor and/or caregiver.


There is a very big, very warm place in my heart for all the members of Stroke Net. You have very quickly become my friends, and people I love and hold very dear in my heart.


Thank you, one and all!


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hey Lydia:


I felt the same way and that's the reason I have been around this site fir past 6 years, it has given me more strength & support than I can ever give. yes some of mentors I depended on back then now moved on to do other things in their life, but I know how much they helped me to go through my daily life when it was so hard to even get out of bed, this site gave me that desire to get up & come online & see who has commented on my blogs, though one who would have never gone through that will think that's so silly but that's what worked for me. only other survivors will understand how this site helped us. It is beauty of this site oldies like us might leave but some of you might be giving support to others.



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right back at u girl when I am down it is her that I come it seeems to help knowing you are not alone with your problems your depression your not wanting to huet nother and all that stuff as the tirle goes to a great song 'WE ARE FAMILY' KEN

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Yep,family is what it feels like here. And welcome home is how it is expressed so many times.


Lydi, I am glad you are getting so much out of blogging and posting, it is good to have you here.



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