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13th Anniversary



Yesterday marked my 13th anniversary with the company that employs me. When I started working here, I was providing technical computer support to business professionals in the accounting industry. No one thought I'd last even a year.


By year 5, I was training agents to support Microsoft products and doing web design on the side.


By year 7, I was working on the knowledge databases and creating on-line training modules, which is what I still do today. It's something I really enjoy. I get to be both technical and creative.


I basically created my job myself on the "find a need, fill a need" principle. When it showed added value to the company, they made my position official. Without sounding proud or bragging, I can honestly say that there is no one else in this company who knows exactly how to do my job.


That may be part of why my boss is being so understanding about my getting back to where I was before the stroke. Nothing got done in the time I was in hospital/at home, because no one else knew how to do it.


It may also be why the office is willing to allow me to continue to work 30 hours a week and keep my insurance and benifits, where they would have normally dropped some one down to 20 - 25 hours and suspended their insurance/benifits. I talked to HR about my work hours yesterday and was told that I could do the 30 hours and would keep everything, if that is what the doctor decided was best. I happen to know that is what he will say is best, I just need him to fill out the paperwork.


So, happy anniversary to me! I've done what no one said I would be able to do and will e able to continue doing it for as long as I want to.


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You are blessed by all means, I'm proud of you and happy anniversary! :Clap-Hands: :big_grin: :You-Rock:


Now, aren't you glad you are a stroke survivor?? :happydance: :rolleyes: :oohlala: You are rocking my friend!

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wow you are smart woman, created job for yourself in the company, no wonder they want to make sure all your wishes are fulfilled. & you must be really good in your work too.



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