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March 10...william's birthday



Tomorrow is William's birthday. I have the day off work. But, I had to schedule a doctor's appointment since I have the day off. So we will make the appointment at 2:30P. This means that i have time in the morning for the pool

The pool will be closed on Friday, Sat. Sun and monday. Maybe William get a break from the pool. Maybe not. I might bring him to a different location. I have to think about that.

I really have to think of something special for thursday. Probably a special lunch out. But, I have plans with another couple for Sat. for a birthday lunch.

The MD's appt. messes up the day. I cannot really plan an outing with an appt at 2:30. Prehaps we can make a movie after the appointment.


I was thinking about the quote "60 is the new 40" therefore people should work longer. I am thinking that I just want to make it to 62 to retire and social security benefits. No way do I want to work until I am 70 or older.

William was lucky he retired early and was able to have some fun years of travel and doing what he wanted to. I really an not in favor of raising the retirement age. Many are not able to work that long.




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Happy Birthday William, hope you get lots of presents! :happybday: :You-Rock:


Hope to visit you and Ruth soon! :rolleyes:

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Ruth, :happybday: William. My birthday is the 13th. Ruth I'm sure you will make his day special.

remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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