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William's birthday present



On March 10th. I gave William a manicure and a pedicure. He loved it.

I also got him some ear buds to use at the gym. I am going to have him use it on the recumbant bike. Perhaps he will stay on longer because he is interested in the news or tv program. We will see.


Sat..we went out with some friends and had a nice birthday dinner.


We have had lazy day...the spring forward has gotten William tired.




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Sounds like he was a good guy and got the rewards of being a good husband for sure!


Tell him Fred said happy birthday and I hope to get back and visit again before too long! :happybday: :big_grin:

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Ruth, I'm glad you had a night out for William's birthday it is worth celebrating another year together.


I am Ray's manicurist and pedicurist too. I rub special cream into his legs and he smells like a bunch of lavender! I always tease him about that. I do a little massaging at the same time as I know that makes him feel good too.


:happybday: William.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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Ruth, Larry asked me to trim his toenails last week. His home helper accidentally cut his toe the last time he did it and it bled like crazy. I was afraid, but did it, and even soaked his feet in water and Epsom Salt. Yesterday he asked me to trim his finger nails. I said I just trimmed them last week but did it again. If I don't, I get clawed every now and then. :tongue: LOL I glad you were able to get out with friends for William's Birthday. I took a page from your caregiving and forced Larry to eat out a couple of times while my daughter was here. :D



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