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water therapy....



I just read an article in the stroke magazine. It was extolling the benefits of hydro therapy for stroke patients. I know this for a fact. This is the therapy of choice for me. I get William to the pool about 5 days of the week. I started this 5 months after his stroke. He has really made tremendous strides.


Quotes from the article. "the healing benefits of waer" "greater mobility. In water, body weight is decreased by up to 90 percent; buonyancy makes moving easier. Water supports the body , improving a person's balance and coordination." Greater strength. "Since in water, people are more stable, it is possible to gain more strength in less time in water than it is on land due to water's resistance." Pain relief. Therapeutic water kept warm - 88-96 degrees can relieve aches and pains. "warm water can calm the body, along with lowering blood pressure and heart rate by increasing the body's endorphins, known as natural painkillers."


I was looking at an ad for rehabilitative and adaptive exercise equipment. www.rebuildfitness.com This is advertising a contraption that fits on the bicycle pedal and will keep the foot on the pedal. i have been using velcro. But,this looks better. It also has a thing for the arm.




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hydrotherapy has been used for all sorts of mediacl challenges and has shown great results for all of them. When I was dealing with a great deal of joint and muscle pain, linked to a lupus flare, the doctor had me in hydrotherapy 3 times a week. It made a reall difference. Without it, I don't think I would have gotten back up out of the wheelo chair I was in.


I'm so glad William is reaping the benifits of it too. flowers.gif Once the pool where we live is open for the season, I'll get back in it a few times a week myself. I really enjoy it.

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I looked at that foot thing for a bicycle for 89 bucks. That goes better on a regular riding bike. You can visit a bicycle shop anywhere and get the single strap to hold the foot or shoe onto the peddle of an exercise bike.


That's exactly what I did and it cost me 5 bucks. I took the peddle in to his shop, he made it fasten correctly. I can adjust it for different shoes or just my socks on while I'm exercising on the bike!

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Ruth, Great post. Yes your right, the pool is really a great rehabilitation tool. I encourage anyone I meet with a disability of stroke, joint pain to join a YMCA for improvement. remembertolaugh,


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Ruth: as you know, if it is the only thing he will do and ask to do, you go for it. Pool Saturday was 95 degrees. Here in the NE it is tough to regulate this stuff when the seasons change. Bruce only did 45 minutes and that was a stretch in my opinion.


But it is really amazing to see the progress. Thank you for reinforcing it. Debbie

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