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Cirque Du Soleil.....



I was hesitant to buy tickets to Cirque du soleil. You know the old argument. It may be more trouble that it is worth. I was worried about the parking and the handicapped seating. but, I finally talked myself into going with prodding from my son. He told me that everybody loves it. You have to call for wheelchair accessible seating. you cannot just order on line. I called and asked for availability of tickets. She asked what night. I said, i am off on Tues night. This was Monday that I was calling. Well, they had seats for Tues, but only in section 2. So I said how about Thurs. (my next night off). Same scenario. Seciton 2. Well, in that case lets take Tues.

It was easy. We got there early. I always like to get there early and they had a entire section for handicapped parking. We had 45 min to sit outside and enjoy and breeze and beautiful day.

They finally let us in under the tent. You can buy food and souveniers. I checked out the restrooms. They had port a potties. They even had a wheelchair port a potty. William said that he was not interested in the wheelchair port a pottty. Luckily we did not have to use it.

We got a seat on the second level and the view was great. We could see everything on stage really well. We were not high in the sky and did not need to use binoculars. I was afraid of that and had brought some binoculars with me.

The only problem was coming up the ramp into the tent...there was a line and of course I had to keep the wheelchair from slipping back while waiting in line. They did not have ..."let the wheelchair go in first mentality". People are just too excited to notice if you are struggling a bit. But, I took it as a good chance to build some muscle.

They actors interacted with the crowd. They had unique costumes on. They were all insects. What fabulous condition they were in. I had brought up the web site on the internet and showed William a preview of the show. This helped so that he was not confused. He knew what to expect . That helped alot.

William said that if they can do that. The least i can do is walk!! He did ask me if he would every use his left hand again. I said that I did not know. He loved the outing and was excited to go.

I got off work at 3P and he was ready to get dressed to go. i had to tell him that I needed to rest a little and shower and eat before we went.

We had intermission and I got us some popcorn and a coke. i just could not resist the smell of popcorn. I left william at intermission and came back with a surprise.

it was alot of fun. I would encourage everybody who has a chance to go and see cirque du soleil. circus of the sun.



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I've been to 3 different performances of theirs. We love them! They are coming to Tampa right around our 3rd wedding anniversary. We plan on going again.


If anyone is ever in Florida, around the Orlando area (where Disney World is), they have a resident show in Downtown Disney. It is wonderful!!!!!!!!!


I also encourage anyone and everyone to go.

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Ruth, missed you in chat last night. I just wanted to report that we did the in home INR today and we were able to do it this time with no problem. :laughbounce: I had to squeeze Larry's finger a lot but we got it. The result was good too - 2.9.


So glad you had a nice time at the Cirque performance. We have never gone here but I have heard good things about it. I've said it before, William is lucky to have you. :You-Rock:



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Ruth: Missed you in chat, of course. But thought about you and William all night. What a wonderful experience! And good for you to have him preview it-there is a lot going on at once. I am so glad you both enjoyed it and that the logistics worked out. With lots of envy, Debbie

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What a coincidence! We also took George, my survivor/friend, to see Cirque De Soleil last summer in Montreal... The show was amazing and we all enjoyed it very much! The staff was helpful, the seats excellent and the overall experience outstanding, (actually in Canada they offer discounted handicap tickets)!

I would recommend it to everyone.

I'm so glad you guys also enjoyed it...:-))


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