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The dentist.



I had the day off. Lots of stuff planned. We had to call AJ and let him know that William would not be free for lunch today. First on the list. Fasting blood work , this means early before anything pops in the mouth. Up and dressed for the pool...but we make it to the lab first. i wasn't sure if it opened at 7A or 8A. because we have to use a different lab for insurance this year than we did last year. I had learned their schedule. We were lucky. They opened at 7:30AM and we got there right when they opened. I had a package that had to be dropped off at Fed Ex. It was late. but, I did that next. Finally, we made it to the pool. Today was thursday and it was empty. We had a great hour long workout. Next, we have coffee and meds. We are driving home and I ask William where he wants to have lunch. This is just in case, we have work done on our teeth. Then you can't eat. We are driving by Sweet Tomatoe at 11AM and I tell William ..."I just cannot pass up that restaurant". We still have to deliver our papers to the accountant. I am so behind. tax day is coming soon.

We have a wonderful lunch and then head to the accountants. I get the papers delivered and am told what I am missing. I hate this. Next we make it to the dentist and have our teeth cleaned. William does well and has a pep talk from the hygienest to try harder. After the dentist I go to the Verizon store to buy a new phone. My phone is not working well. I get a LG cosmos. Next, I need to get a haircut. It is 3P now. William has had a long day. But, he kept going and going with me. At 8:30P he wanted to go to sleep. He is exhausted. I let him go to sleep and I am here blogging.

William needs to brush his teeth more on the weak side. It is not in good shape. He is advised to use a salt water rinse.

I got the blue tooth with the phone. I am thinking that perhaps this phone will be easier for William to use. I will try it and then if it seems possible i will give it to William.

I found the extra stuff that the accountant wants and i will fax it over tomorrow.

What a good day. i got alot of stuff done that was on my list of must dos.


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All your days are very interesting no matter what you got to get done, it seems like you know how to make it work out! :happydance: :rolleyes:

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You simply amaze me with all you accomplish. I think Larry would have been wiped out by 3 p.m.!


Love Sweet Tomatoes too. We don't have one close by since we moved a few years ago. Good soups! :tongue:



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Ruth: as usual, you tire me out just reading your blog, let along doing all that stuff. Bruce has a close friend who carries your type of schedule. Bruce often kids her about "jamming one more thing in." You say William won't go near the kitchen, when does the poor dear have time?


But, like you, I love crossing stuff off the list. But I am also happy your new work schedule is working out so well for you both. Best, Debbie

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Ruth, Good for you planning your plan and sticking to it. I can tell you had a accomplished feel:Clap-Hands: and William has tuckered out:cloud9:.

One of these days I will get in for a cleaning. Carl had gone and has had some other work that need being done, so when I get his work paid off

I'm next.:big_grin: remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean:cocktail::cocktail:

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