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helpful tips.. I hope



I'm not a good catholic Without thinking I put a Roast into the crock pot. I'm catholic and my husband isn't.( We didn't get married in the church) salad her I come.. I digressinsane.gif As many times I sit here and listening to my IPod and jamming to all kinds of music. Loud.I mean LOUD but that is one of my coping skills I do. As far back as I can think i was falling back to music to help. This may not mean anything to some but I read some blogs and blogging is a coping mechanism to but I hope that this may help some people out here. Just for the time I'm listening, all bad thoughts and realities of my situation goes away. I hope that people who happen to read this may find it helpful Jammin.gif


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It doesn't have anything to do with being good catholic or not. As long as you have faith. Faith in what ever you want to call it but it's not human. My husband and I are both catholic and we always said their must me another way. We practice metaphysical ACIM. You must practice something no? You listen to loud music and that is your coping skill. That's ok, it's what works for you. Each it's own thing. remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean:cocktail:

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Bruce played guitar pre-stroke, worked for RCA records as a studio musician while in college, played and sang every night while we were raising our niece. His best friend and music partner, who has a speech impediment, suggested day two post-music. Music is interpretted in the brain in a different area than speech. Both Don and another close friend, who is classically trained, put all kinds of music on CD for Bruce. When he couldn't find the word for book, he could sing the entire Beatles collection without missing a word.


Music continues to be a large part of his recovery. You go for it. I love hearing him sing along, talking about the history of the piece, album, musicians.


There are nights when I am so frustrated I could scream and do not want to take it out on him. Put a CD on in the kitchen and rock on. Debbie

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Kelli, I understand about the catholic thing. Fish on Fridays...still happens here sometimes but I don't worry if I don't remember, there is more to life and you discipline yourself in other ways.


I like music as a wind down, also blogging and beading. With beading you move into a world that is infinitely small. It really focuses my attention away from my worries.


I scream on the inside sometimes and cry in the shower. I am a woman - nuff said!



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You are still a young caring woman with a long life ahead of you, so being a devoted wife and mother makes you a grand citizen regardless of your faiths.


Your system of coping works, that's all is needed, the rest is gravy in the pot! Honey hush!! :unsure:

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