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One step closer?



The back story:

My father passed away when I was 3 and Larra was 1. By 8, we were away from Puerto Rico and in hiding from my father's family. There was a lot of bad blood between my mom anfd my father's parents. At 18, I chose to make contact with my father's family. It was very much a double-edged sword and I got cut pretty badly. I also did everything I could to protect my sister from being treated the same way.


Fast forward to last year. The "Old man," as we referred to my Grandfather, passed away. He'd been in ill health for several years and had finally given up teh fight. Before he died, he had a new will drawn up. In it he explained that he had made many mistakes that caused him to miss out on the only living reminders of my father, my sister and me, and that to try to make amends for that, he was naming Larra and me as heirs in full standing, and deviding his estate in fifths - my father had 1 brother and 2 sisters. He made sure that any contest to the will automatically disqualified the contestant from inheiritance, to keep his son and daughters from fighting Larra and me being named as heirs.


Fast forward again to today. My mother gets an email from the lawyer that is doing the probate that all they are waiting for is the tax release from Puerto Rico (where my grandfather lived), and they will dispurse the inheritance.


Without being gaudy or bragging, my share will allow Sam and me to live comfortably for as long as the process takes to get ssdi, ssi and ltd settled. What a relief!


I could actually be retired by as early as next month!


From my fingers to God's ears!!


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hey Lydia:


:congrats: I truly believe Whatever is happening in our life is for our own good, though sometimes when we are in midst of it, it is hard to see. enjoy your retiement to fullest, though keep a routine in your retirement or else you will hate it.




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It sounds as if this is very timely. Strange how things do work out for the best when we allow it to happen.


Will keep you in my prayers too.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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