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Navigating a new world



SO, my disability application is in. We are waiting to hear that it has been rejected. My mother says we can count on it the first time through the process.


Enter the disability lawyer for the second time through the process, and as many more times through until I am approved.


What I have learned I can request is disability, suplimental income and, this is the interesting one, my husband to be paid by medicare/Medicade to be my 24X7 caregiver, since he is a lilcensed nurse. How weird, but it makes sense. He just has to keep his license up to date. Well, we can do that.


So the world of social security disability is no longer looking quite so bad to me. I think I am actually starting to warm up to the idea, especially as things in the office become more stressful than I am inclined to deal with.


I mentioned in the last blog that the office is starting to try to divest themselves of me. It will be a slow process, I can promise them that - as long as it takes me to have a "plan b" in place. Of course, once that plan is in place, then I have no problem helping them reach that little goal for themselves.


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I Think it makes sense in having him paid for that, I'd say do it because It really is costly. I wish you luck in getting all the paper work done

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I will only caution you about going on retirement, it's hard adjustment to get used to not going to work. I had major identity crisis when I retired from my work force, though I realized having routine in life made it easy for me to adjust to my newnormal, and now I m having grand time being say at home mom & wife.



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As well as planning to retire you might think what that retirement might be like. Do you have new things you want to do, places you want to go, study opportunities or social events that will fill in the gaps where work used to be?


I was involuntarily retired to look after Ray but I also looked after my Dad for four months (terminal cancer) and my Mum for another two years with Alzheimers. It was not until she was in care and it was just Ray and I that I realised I was out of a job.I did feel some grief and was a little bit lost for a while even though I still had Ray to look after.


Retirement, whether it is planned for or imposed by outside forces does make life different and so you must plan for it to happen so you can rebuild your life again.


(((hugs))) from Sue

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Thank you, everyone, for the advice and caution. Sam, my mom & dad, Sam's mom & dad, my sister, the kids and I have all been talking about what retirement would mean for me.


I don't expect to have the identy crisis because I always identified myself as an artist first, a DB admin second. With retirement, I will have plenty of time to put those artistic tools and talents to good use.


I have new stained glass tools and glass just waiting for me. I also have canvases begging to be filled with color and movement, as well as all kinds of fabric, threads, yarns, etc.


I think I have enough art projects to last me a while and I am really looking forward to the days when I can start a project and come back to it later, instead of getting hoim from work, the fitness center or a walk and being to tired to do anything.


Sam is very happy that I have so much to create art out of because he says I am my happiest when I am eyeballs deep into the creative process.


I'm starting to put together what retirement will mean for me and I am really starting to like the idea of not being a slave to a schedule any more.

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I hope you get it soon, they try to make applying for it so darn hard to do, but it's worth the wait to have an income once again! :happydance:

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Being artist you will do great in your retirement & it will be fun process I bet. I guess I had identified myself as Asha the software Engineer who made big bucks & suddenly when that was gone who am I. luckily I still have job as mother & wife but I learnt my lesson & trying to not get attached to my mommy title since soon he will go to college & won't need me as much & I will have another meltdown. I tried getting myself interested in color painting but did not enjoy as much I guess since my right brain injured my artistic abilities r gone, though I enjoy learning new things & volunteering, so I guess I will be fine.



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