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The Office and Disability



So, the time has come. Where bosses were understanding, they are losing that attitude. They are compleining about my accuracy, the time it takes me to complete tasks, the amount of time I am out vs in the office now. I can see what is happening. I still have short-term memory issues. I have language issues. I have mobility issues. I've been back in the office about 2 months. I'm not "getting better" as fast as they want me to. Well, stroke recovery is something that takes time, a lot of time.


I've been working on filling out my disability claim. Maybe it is for the best. I can't work under pressure any more. I get headaches and I stop being able to process written language. For someone who spends much of their time coding or doing R&D, that is not good.


I talked to my mother. She told me to expect to be denied disability the first time through. Everyone is as a matter of course. Once that happens, I have a disability lawyer who is just waiting to help get me approved the second time through.


Maybe she and my sister are right. Maybe it is time to slow down, quit the "rat race" and take things easy. I'll bide my time here, basically getting paid to do not a whole lot of anything, for as long as I need to, then let it all go.


I've already left a legacy here at the office. I've been part of getting a lot of things to happen for the employees, and there are several employees who have their positions because of employee referrals by me.


If I leave, it won't be defeated. I will be able to leave on my terms.

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I know it's hard to leave but you are making right decision. I know I struggled for long time after quitting my job since my ego was so wrapped up with my job title & my self-worth was associated with amount of money I used to make, so it was hard pill to swallow for my ego. But you know ego finds other jobs quickly. I used to pray God showing me sign that I have made the right choice & God actually did, I started taking investment courses & other subjects that interests me in nearby conmmunity college & it has been huge positive in my life. Now when I look back I feel retiring from the job was best decision I did after my stroke. things turned out to be good for our family. My stroke made me better & present Mom & wife for my family.for me blogging here & volunteering also turned out to be very therupetic.



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