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Full Moon



We are experiencing tonight the largest full moon in 18 years. This will not happen again until 2029. Been watching the threads on the net about this and the connection with all the bad weather; the world, not just the NE, has been experiencing. I always loved the connection between astronomy and meteorology and just wish I had more time to study it. Maybe that will be my focus in the new year.


Had dinner last night with my high school-grammar school buds. We try to get together every few months. Three of us have been together since Kindergarten. I have not been able to go for a year. They did do a Happy hour just before our fortieth high school reunion, but not all of my group went. Bruce's college roommate stayed with him last night as well as Happy hour night. My pix on Facebook is from the Happy hour.


Most of them knew Bruce was coming up on two years' post on Tuesday and just wanted to catch up. They offered to pay a carer for me, but Bob said he would love to come. I have not been out for fun in a bit. When Debbie and Carole come, it is my BJs run and Carl on Fridays is usually lady shower and some reading. So I was really looking forward to this and it was great. As usual, I was the first one to leave. But even when we carers have a few hours off, we still have to step up when we get home and I still had to be on deck this morning with routine and swimming.


Shelly's house sits on Long Island sound, inlet to the harbor we all grew up on. I can't tell you how beautiful that moon was on the water, also 60 degrees still at 8:30pm. We said good night for a long time, the night was just that peaceful and calm.


All of us 7 have been dealt some serious hands since high school: Cancer, Brain Aneurysm and then a recall on the glue to fix it; divorce, drug addicted children, traumatic death of parents, stroke. We are strong women, we were raised by strong parents and I think part of why we were drawn together for over 50 years is our mutual faith in God, our family structure, the support we received from our families and our friend's families and our strong self-esteem. We draw strength from each other. Where one may feel weak, there are 6 others who we can lean on for support, advice and help.


Tuesday will be a tough blog for me. But I have been reinforced. Sometimes I need reminders that my situation is really not as difficult as what others have and are going through. While we all email or chat weekly, I know all I have to do is make one phone call and one of them will be here. That alone helps get me through a tough day.


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YOu have such wonderful friends. YOu are blessed.

I am glad that you were able to get out and have a girls night out. What a treat.


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I went looking for the pictures of the new glamorous you, where are they.


You know what to do with Bruce to motivate him, just keep on doing what you are doing and things will get easier.



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Boy, I'm jealous of your support system you have.:ranting: But, I'm so glad you have it:goodjob:. Friends for over fifty years is a sure sign of true friendship. :chat:

BTW that moon last night was so bright it shined in the bathroom that I did not need to turn on the light.

remembertolaugh, Jeannie :cocktail:

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bummed; went out 3 x's to see moon but too much cloud cover.notfair.gif not sure if i'll be here for the 2029. what a great group of friends! i have a bestie from pre-kindergarten but don't see very often because she moved to pa. i'm very fortunate that i have my sisters and our girl's night out-in. blessings lynn

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I am so happy for you that you have such a great group of friends. Yesterday night went out for a walk with hubby, it was amazingly great & romantic walk in full & big moon.



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It's so nice to have friends to share with and laugh with. I'm glad things are going good for you. Please tell us where your pic is on Facebook. I'm not a "Facebook poster" but I would go in and look at you. :big_grin:



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Its the picture that comes up on my Home page. Sue has seen it. I think I have to befriend you, for anyone to see it. Frosty took it on her cell phone and then pasted it for me to approve. Only way it would have gotten done. i have no clue. Funny, my sister thought it was several years ago. Just let my hair go natural in the past two years, but I guess that is a good thing.


We tried Friday night to get it here, but everyone was too distracted-lol. That is what happens when you have 7 women all talking at the same time.

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